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USB Modem Blues

For some ungodly reason they shipped my Modem from Pennsylvania to Memphis, TN, somehow skipping Maryland in between. Um. Someone wanna tell them they sent it to the wrong facility? GRRRR! I may have to send the one I ordered back and just pick one up at that horrendous Apple store in Annapolis, the one I never really want to go to ever because they are rude and crude there.

We'll see. Today is a new day and maybe they saw their mistake and turned it all around, but somehow I am greatly doubtful.

On the other hand! Tigger is running absolutely wonderlifically. I downloaded TextWrangler so I can code for Cuendillar and Firan while at home. I loaded World of Warcraft onto the machine last night and went through all the updates and I played until I got tired of dying, which was until about 12:30 am. The screen was so crisp and clear, it was amazing. Pixel had good graphics, but Tigger blows Pixel out of the water. Tigger has a 128 MB Radeon X1600 graphics card. Watching WoW was rather unreal – and I think that’s partly because of the Zoooooom! Fast 2.13 Ghz processor and the 1 gig of RAM. It is a very happy computer.

Future plans for Tigger are to get Windows XP and D&D Online so I can boot it natively into a PC via the Intel 2 Core Duo processor. Mind you, it’s a Macintosh, and I’ll mainly be using the Mac side of my computer, but the PC side will have it’s uses too, and it will be extremely refreshing to be able to just switch over at any time I want to use a PC for something, which will more than likely be for gaming. *cough*



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Dec. 22nd, 2006 06:19 pm (UTC)
Congrats on the new computer!:) I'm dying to get an Intel Mac, but I'm still debating which one would suit my needs without bankrupting me:)
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