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Chart House Restaurant: December 23rd

This is a first of many of my update posts!

My holiday started with dinner with the housemates and a few of their close friends on December 23rd. The housemates are Nancy and Scott – the homeowners, and Jose – their other live-in border, and Jose’s girlfriend Rochelle was also invited. We ate at the Chart House restaurant within Annapolis, a favorite grazing ground of Nancy and Scott’s. We got there a touch too early; Nancy thought traffic would be bad, so we were stuck waiting on the dock for about a half hour. The evening was chilly but was calm. Boats bobbed up and down peacefully on the water and we chatted quietly and reviewed the menu before the doors opened.

We had drinks at first, since the restaurant wasn’t officially open yet and because we were still waiting on one other person. Nancy insisted I get something to drink, but I wasn’t ready for that. The drink hostess was something of a snob and rude to us, but we decided to ignore her in favor of holiday spirit. It wasn’t long before we were seated, but not everyone was there. Various people went ahead and ordered appetizers and we had another round of drinks while we waited. I ordered a strawberry daiquiri, my first, and discovered it was nummy. Once Cory arrived, Scott’s driver for his rig, who was very late, we all ordered dinner. Being the avid seafood hater that I am, I went with the delectable choice of beef medallions. Mmm. I also had a Chart House salad which came out with the appetizers. The salad was almost a mean in and of itself! During dinner I had ordered a second daiquiri because it was so good, but they were all out of mix. Sad! So, I tried a pina colada instead and discovered I am not a fond of just coconut flavored drinks. It could have been the mix they used, but I was expecting some pineapple flavor.

The food was good, the conversation was great, and it was an all around good time. Nancy surprised everyone with gifts for Christmas, which she totally didn’t need to do! The bill was being picked up by Nancy and Scott and that was gift enough! They got all the ladies who attended a nice floral arrangement which was sweet. We ordered 3 hot chocolate lava cakes for dessert, and proceeded to share them with the table. You had to share! They were very rich chocolate cakes, with ice cream; chocolate cake with a chocolate liqueur with chocolate syrup and vanilla ice cream. You really do need the ice cream to off set the richness of the chocolate. I would gladly recommend this restaurant for anyone seeking places to eat in Annapolis, MD.

By the time we left we were all near to waddling, but had very satisfied tummies. When I got home I started packing for the trip I’d be taking to the Eastern Shore of MD, to Centreville, for the rest of the holiday.



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