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Happy Birthday to Me!

So, today was my birthday. Is my birthday. However you want to look at it. Today has been a great day. I went out and spoiled myself a bit, taking some time to be alone during the day and just doing whatever my heart desired, which isn't saying much, really. I just basically drove around some and did a little shopping.

The real 'meat' of my birthday happened later. I joined adamdray, stephdray,gwyndyn, ironman, bluekitsune and their friend Sean (sp?) at Don Pablos in Owings Mills. Mmm. Good mexican food. And, margueritas if you're so inclined from what I hear. It was the first time I'd been there. I'm still trying to decide if it's better than the "spicy lettuce place" in Easton, otherwise known as Plaza Tapitias. They have the BEST sauces for dipping tortilla chips. Nothing can match the white sauce. :) Otherwise, I think the food is on par.

Lots of conversation happened around the table. Lots of talk of politics and West Wing, and people discussing who they thought would be the next President, and who their favorite character was. The conversations were separate, mind you, but sometimes confusing :) When asked who my favorite character was on West Wing, I answered I didn't have one since I didn't watch the show. Steph informed me that I must watch the first season, and that I may have to borrow her DVD's to rectify that :)

I escaped the 'evil' birthday sombrero at Don Pablos. Apparnetly, Friday night was a popular night for that hat, for there were two other people who received the sombrero and birthday greetings from the restaurant's staff. My tablemates kept saying if I wanted it they'd be sure to flag down one of the staff members, but I assured them that I didn't need that sort of recognition. Oh no! That sort of stuff is evil. Evil I say!

Afterwards, I got invited to go see Starskey and Hutch. Good movie, if you like parodys. The movie was based off the old television show, back in the 70's. Had the same corny music, same corny story line and lots of corny jokes making fun of the show and that particular era of television. It was bad, but in a GOOD sort of way. It made me laugh, and laughing is always a good thing. Though, there was the obligatory groan thrown in there on occassion.

All in all I had a good time, and muchly enjoyed spending time with all of my friends, and appreciated the fact that I was with my friends on my birthday. I was a little sad that kralentor couldn't come, but we made plans to tentatively go out sometime next weekend. I'll be sure to follow up on that.


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Mar. 15th, 2004 11:09 am (UTC)
       Happy birthday, Lisa.:)

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