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Year in Review: 2006

The meme is usually a line, but I don’t think the line encompassed my year after looking over things, so I included the first paragraph instead (or combined a few sentences) and here’s my year in review.

January 2006

Today I mentioned to Nancy I wanted to get out of the house and go drinking. She immediately looked around for places we could go, and finally we decided on http://www.jaspersrestaurants.com/... one of which is in Crofton which I pass every day on my way home.

February 2006

There is nothing better than having leftover food from a restaurant to flaunt at work for lunch.

March 2006

That is me today. A growly bear. Grar! Want to bite heads off. Want to smash things. Want to hurt, maim, do harm. Want smash.

April 2006

This weekend I went apartment searching with my father, sister and nephew. My nephew, Henry, has just returned from Korea, where he was stationed. He’s a Staff Sergeant in the Air Force. He’s now stationed in Fort Meade, and since he has a stipend for housing he needed a place to stay.

May 2006

Due to the price of gas, and being financially strapped right now, I’ve been staying home for the weekends. This is probably the best thing for me to do in the long run anyway, as I’m not tempted to spend any money really (even if I could over the internet, I very rarely do). My weekends have mostly been spent playing World of Warcraft (WoW).

June 2006

FiranCon started for me back in October when I took over OOC Player Management. In November I called the hotel and Key West catering services, who handle the ballroom, to see what pricing we could get and to see if the ballroom was available for the night of the LARP. As luck would have it, the ballroom was available. I had Tanya, the very patient hotel manager, draw up contracts, and by January we were good to go.

July 2006

Pirates. Friday July 7th or Saturday July 8th. Wanna go? Which day? Arundel Mills, Muvico - Time To Be Determined. Post here. Lemme know!

August 2006

Monday, my car broke down. My car is always breaking down. It was the alternator. Again. So, I took the day off to spend some time to give it some tender loving car and nurse it back to health. I took the whole day, in part, because I had to prepare to go to jury duty the next day, which means I absolutely needed to have some sort of transportation to get there. The other part was that I wanted to see fixing my car through. I’m rather protective of the old girl. It was my mother’s car. Having it break down was not a happy making thing. I stressed, fretted and worried all day.

September 2006

I’m going home to my dad’s this weekend. Travel will be interesting as I deal with Ocean City, MD bound idiots heading across the Bay Bridge to go out that way – particularly those people who absolutely love to see the beach during storms like Ernesto.

October 2006

Squee. Squee. Squee. Squee. I cannot say that enough times!!! I am finally getting my car. Yesyes. After all the conjecturing, wondering, talking of budgets and what not, I am getting my car.

November 2006

This is a warning. I may continue to post here, but for the time being, most of my postedness related posts will be on christierose which is my writing blog – when I actually do any writing. I’ll be attempting to do NaNoWriMo this year with a couple of different locals. If you are interested in my writing foo, feel free to add yourself to the blog and I’ll set you up as friends for any closed posts that I might have. Excerpts of anything I decide to throw up will be closed-only posts.

December 2006

When I read a series of books, I tend to like to see the main characters the story is about within those books. It’s an expectation that I think is common with most readers. When an author decides to remove the main characters from the book, it causes a great amount of distress for me, because when I purchase the book for that series I am purchasing it with the expectation that I’ll be getting to read yet another chapter in the series for those characters. That’s why I bought the books.



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