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Birthday and Other Musings...

That time is coming around where I need to decide what to do about my birthday this year. I want to celebrate, but I’m not entirely sure how I want to celebrate. For the last three years I’ve had a party of sorts, going out to dinner and a movie with close friends, and every year that group gets smaller and smaller as people have moved on in their lives. It has that odd sense that I’m back in school and I’m once more on the fringe of everything that’s going on, looking in. That’s silly, I know, but sometimes that’s how it feels. I try my very best to ignore that feeling when it pops up though it isn’t easy to set aside.

I think I do want to do dinner and a movie again. I like celebrating with friends. I look forward to it, simply for the fact that I enjoy their company – even if I am mostly quiet and not the best at social interaction, just, this year, no Don Pablos. I think a change in restaurant is in order. I have no idea what’s playing these days, as I haven’t been to the movies since November, but I have recently seen movie trailers for things coming out in February. I’ll have to keep an eye out for some good movies coming out in March.

One of the February movies, A Bridge to Terabethia, was one of my favorite books growing up. It was very sad at the end. It’s also one of those controversial books, for whatever reason, that parents have tried to get banned from schools and libraries. It makes me rather surprised that Disney was the one to pick up the book and make the movie. It’ll be interesting to see how they twist it to fit the happy family medium, and is slotted to be one of the movies I make time to see.

The location of where I live is not exactly conducive to movie-going or friends-visiting. It’s much further south and out of the way than I’d like, but it’s a beneficial living arrangement financially – and the people I live with are absolutely amazing, never mind very, very generous. But, I miss Glen Burnie. I miss how it was a nice halfway point between my father (well, not really, but we can pretend) and my friends. I miss how it was a hub of activity for me. I could host parties myself, or go to parties, or just go and visit someone for the day and it wouldn’t take all day to get to them. I could go places and do things very easily.

Bowie is just… not at all inspiring for me. Their movie theatre, which used to be state of the art, is now overcrowded and sub-par. Their shopping center is outdoors and doesn’t inspire shopping. I wanted indoor heated goodness, and they have outdoor freezing badness. I hate shopping to begin with. Shopping and weather mixed? It does not inspire shopfulness. This means I ignore the fact that I need to get new things, desperately, to replace old. It means I don’t get out at all, really. And, since I’m not a social butterfly and don’t fly with the bar crowd or go out anywhere on my own really, that means a serious case of cabin fever. Meh. I think I need to force myself to just go out and do something this weekend.



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