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Weekend Happenings...

I spent this past weekend at stephdray’s house. Her husband, adamdray, was out of town for a gaming convention. Their cat Opie is pretty sick and needs some tender loving care. I was asked to help keep Steph company and help with the cat, along with usurpingivy. It was dubbed ‘girls’ weekend’.

I arrived Friday straight after work. Steph was busy cooking and her ailing kitty, Opie, had to get her attention to realize I’d rang the doorbell. Steph cooked and we chatted and caught up on things, while waiting for Claire to get there, and eventually settled in for the evening. Dinner was a tasty roast, zucchini pancakes, and mashed potoatos, and mararitas! After dinner we settled in for some time online, discussing various character issues with things on Firan and watched How to Lose a Guy in 10 days, staying up way, way too late.

Saturday started around 10ish for me, as I woke up an started catching up with things on Firan. Eventually everyone else woke up and we chatted, and ate a yummy quiche for breakfast, which was more like brunch given it was after noon, and had mimosas to drink. After breakfast we decided to do home fascials, and listened to the sounds of the ocean while we waited for things to set and other girly things. Later that afternoon we went to the Enchanted Tea Garden for a late tea and did a bit of clothes shopping – where I muchly protested several clothing choices Steph and Claire tried to make for me (really, I wouldn’t have worn the black on red shirt!), and then settled down for dinner back at home again. We watched Tuck Everlasting, played online, and eventually Steph and I had to give Opie his medicine. Again, we stayed up way, way too late.

Sunday was much more laid back. Everyone was sleepy and really didn’t want to get up for the day. Morning turned into afternoon all too quickly, much like the rest of the weekend, and we could scarcely believe so much time had passed. We had pancakes and quiche for breakfast, with mimosas to drink once more – a drink I think I’m more than heartily alright with since the orange juice masks the champagne. We vegged in the living room all day, trying to decide if we wanted to nap or not, and did a few things online before Adam got home, who was enthusiastically greeted by Steph. We fiddled around a bit more, and were too lethargic to go out for dinner or make it, so we ordered in that evening. Time to leave rolled around much, much too soon, but eventually I had to go home in order to be rested enough for work the following day.

I very much enjoyed myself over the weekend, even if I was muchly teased about a variety of things, and wouldn’t think twice about doing it again. The one draw back was, even though I was slowly packing things up to make certain I wouldn’t forget anything, as I tend to be very forgetful that way, I still managed to forget taking my movies home. Honestly, I think they need to create an 8th day in the week, rework the calendar or something, in order to give us per perpetual 3 day weekends. It was over far, far too quickly.



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Jan. 30th, 2007 06:25 pm (UTC)
Only in this case I didn’t forget to take stuff with me going to their house. I forgot it coming back from their house :)
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Jan. 30th, 2007 06:33 pm (UTC)
Yay for Girls' Weekend!

And yeah, I'm terminally forgetting things. My parents have come to expect that there will be at least one aborted attempt to leave, I may even get part way across town (Dale being a very small town), then turn around & go back for something I've forgotten. And usually, sometime after I've gotten back to my home, sometimes a few days later, I'll remember something I'd meant to get, but didn't.
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