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FiranCon Dreams Begin....

I am managing FiranCon again this year. This is the 8th year that FiranMUX has held a con for it’s 200 something players, of which 50-60 people attend.

Last night was the first of what will likely be many organizer related dreams…

We were at the hotel, in the middle of our meet and greet. Some robbery or alarm occurred. We were held up in the Con Suites – our rooms which do not require hotel catering, so we can just bring our own food.

After the alarms/ordeal/robbery or whatever it was happened, we were shooed out of the rooms. Hotel staff came to clean up as some of us were in the middle of getting our things. We got reamed out for the food that was there because we catered it ourselves, rather than using their ballroom/staffing services.

I politely informed them that the rooms did not require their staffing services to cater things, that we were left to our own devices. They agreed, but were unhappy all the same.

They were also unhappy, for whatever reason, that we came back to collect /our/ valuables, which led me to suspect maybe they were behind the alarms/robbery/whatever that occurred.

Of course, this could be me just stressing that their hotel staff is going to steal my pillow again like they did the first year that we used their hotel (yes, the pillow theft and theft of my NICE 300 count pillow case actually happened!!). However, the pillow theft is nothing compared to the amazing service we usually get from this place, so all is good, even if subconsciously, on some level, I’m stressing early on.

I'm sure everything will turn out ok, like last year. Now, to set the Con fee and make sure Adam can open registration!



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Feb. 6th, 2007 11:07 pm (UTC)
I had to go and debug the registration site after Jeanne upgraded PHP, too. It was showing up as a blank page! Give it a run through again to make sure everything still works. I think I got all the bugs but who knows.
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