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Gaming Day!

I got talked into going over to gwyndyn and ironman's house to join them for D&D. I'd already had something planned on FiranMUX and had told them I couldn't make it. They shamed me into coming, putting them off for a MUX event. They promised that I could use their computer, since I was reluctant to reschedule said event for a fourth time. I'd already cancelled three other times on them, or at least close to that number!

I met adamdray at his house and bluekitsune was there too. We gabbed (bluekitsune's words, not mine!) a bit with stephdray then piled into the car. We stopped at Mc D's to get dinner, and of course they managed to not give us everything we asked for. They also didn't charge us for everything we asked for either. We got things sorted out and off we went.

The desk was cleared off, I was given a nice cushy space at the desk, and we settled in for a night of gaming. Only, I multi-tasked. I do not ever recommend attempting to MUX/MUSH and play D&D at the same time! It can be an incredibly confusing experience, especially when your MUX character is getting betrothed at the same moment that your D&D character is overthrowing an evil Priest within their temple.

However, great fun was had, and I was able to manage both tasks. Not sure how WELL I managed them, but they were managed. Oh, and in the meantime, I realized just how silly I can be. Duh! When you're hunting a priestess down who has holy relics, you should assume the person who LOOKS like someone else and has the relics and refuses to give them up is that priestess that you're HUNTING! I nearly messed things up for everyone. Doh!

On another note, I made sure to speak with kralentor earlier in the day. I made sure that he knew that he was missed, and offered to go to his house next weekend if he didn't feel like driving down here (to Glen Burnie, because Centreville is just too far far away). If I do that, I just need to make sure that I get really good directions so, like, I don't get lost and stuff. However, we're both going to be gaming at the same place next weekend which is closer to my place. We'll work something otu though. He asked if I'd gotten birthday spankings last night and I informed him that I happily escaped those. Muaha! But, erk! Maybe I should have just said yes!


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Mar. 15th, 2004 11:11 am (UTC)
       Mmmm. I think we should save those for Con. Then, you can charge 5$ to people for each one they give you and...I'll bring 500$?:)

Mar. 15th, 2004 12:46 pm (UTC)
Ack! No. Good reason for me to stay home from Con then! :)
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