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Weekend Update...

I stayed in this weekend, like I have been doing most weekends these days. It was largely quiet, but productive. The weekend was split between playing World of Warcraft and working on crafty bits for a project I currently have going.

I played World of Warcraft on Saturday morning, then I spent nearly 11 hours on Saturday, from 1:00 pm until Midnight, working on crafty stuff and stopping only for food breaks. I was like a woman possessed trying to get something completed. The result was I did manage to finish the section I was working on, but now I have several more sections to go before I’m satisfied. I was looking at other ways to do things, so the sections won’t take as long to accomplish, and I think I have a better idea and understanding, based on some actual physical examples I have, of what I’m doing now. This will make progress much easier.

On the World of Warcraft front, I decided this weekend to try and meet my goal of Dinging to 60 before my birthday (a week from today). My alt, Elisiana, was ¼ of the way to Level 58, so I buckled down, finished some quests, and late Friday evening she finally dinged 58. I then went to the Outlands, finally, with my first eligible character. OMG!!!! The XP there is fantastic!! Where on average, in Western Plaguelands, I was getting about 600-700 a kill (which included the rest XP bonus), in outlands I was averaging 1050-1200 a kill (which also included rest XP). Heaven! Plus, the quest rewards and XP are soooo much better than regular areas. It took about a day to ding 59 mostly soling mobs. This is not a bad catch at all!! So, I fully believe my goal of 60 before the birthdate rolls around is a nice, accomplishable goal – or even ON the B-day, which I’ve taken off from work. Either way will be very, very nice.

That’s the milestone I’m setting for this week, so if Viridian Riders, my guild, gets ignored for a bit, I’m sorry! I still love you guys! Once Elisiana hits 60, I’ll be back and ready to do a nice Dead Mines run! Promise!



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Mar. 5th, 2007 09:11 pm (UTC)
When do you guys play? I still have a level 12 on Staghelm.
Mar. 6th, 2007 01:03 pm (UTC)
We generally play EST evenings. Since I dinged 60 last night on my high level, I'll be focusing more with the new guild for a bit. Come plaaaaaayyyyy with us :)

Just page me on Firan when you're ready to come join us and we'll get you all set up.
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