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Getting Out.... Nice Day For a Walk...

Nancy and Scott have both joined LA Weight Loss. Nancy’s been a member for awhile. Scott just joined within the last month. They’ve been eating better and started encouraging each other to do better on their diet. Last week Nancy mentioned she and Scott wanted to start walking. I asked them to let me know when they were going to start so I could tag along. I’ve been wanting to get out for a long time now, but not by myself. The neighborhood is nice enough, I just still don’t trust my surroundings all that well yet. Yes yes, it’s the country girl meets the city folk syndrome. Not all that trusting… anyway….

Yesterday was the first time I got to go walking with them, since last week they forgot to ask me to go and they got promptly scolded at one of the dinners I was invited to eat at with them. We walked through the park, around the nearby shopping complex, stopping briefly at Safeway to get Scott some allergy medication, then continued around the shopping complex, and back through the park again.

All I can say is: OW!

I informed Nancy at Safeway that I think that at least from now until Seattle this is something I’m going to have to do every day. Ideally I’ll continue after Seattle, and I’ll want to continue, but if a short walk like that (okie, so maybe it was close to a ¾ of a mile to a mile), with no hills, makes me hurt, Seattle will just outright kill me; not that I anticipate much walking, but I want to be ready for the killer hills just in case. I’ve been there. I’ve walked them. I know what they are like!

Yesterday’s walk left me with some nice lower back pain and a cramp in my right leg. So, there will be walking every day after work, unless it rains, and stretching before and after.

My body remembers what good exercise used to be, but after my mother passed away I stopped caring about anything and everything and simply let myself go. The person inside my body just has to now force herself to follow through. I’ll be happier for it if I do, and I certainly want to be more active in a physical sense. So, here’s to seeing how long I can make it happen.



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