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Pleasant Surprises...

Even though most of Sunday was colored by crazies and not nice people, I decided to go back to the beginning, where all of my online relations with people started, LegendMUD. This was a MUD game I started playing during my sophomore year in college. The game was created at my school by Raph (Ptah) and Kristen (Kaige) Koster. It is a historical based MUD, that takes you on a journey of adventures through the changing times, from Ancient Agrabah to Industrial London. It has three time eras that you can journey through, Ancient, Medieval and Industrial. Each of the areas is based on historical fact, and the quests take you all over the place. This game eventually lead three of the staff to work on projects like Ultima Online and Starwars Galaxies.

Legend, for the most part, was a home for me. It was a home away from home, really. I enjoyed the people. I enjoyed the company. I enjoyed the atmosphere. Mostly, it was the people. When I went to Legend on Sunday, it was to see if they were up to their usual hijinx for April Fools. Usually they changed the interface around, did backwards Legend, or had some other series of pranks to go on. What I found, however, had nothing to do with April Fools at all. In fact, it was something much better.

I had become close friends to one of the players there. My hopeless character Lirra was always getting her into trouble, and his character was always getting her out of trouble. Now, trouble on a MUD just consisted, at that time, mostly of character death, and I was seriously hopeless. I was grouped with this person and their friends quite often, and taken into their guild heartily. I eventually wandered away from Legend to join the MUSHing community, moving away from the pure hack and slash to pure roleplay, enjoying creating character plots and what not much, much more (even though we mixed the two on Legend and quite well I think). He eventually disappeared as well, due to his situation with the military.

Every now and again I would log into Legend, where I still hold a staffing character, and checked the staff boards and check back with staff members to see if anyone had heard any word from him – as he was a good friend to many of us. The last anyone had heard, he’d been shipped off to Iraq. He’s been gone for several, long years, without any notice or word to anyone after being shipped off. I had started to lose hope that anyone would ever hear from him again. Well, Sunday night, low and behold, who did I find? This person!!!! I was extremely pleased to hear from him again, even though I embarrassed myself a bit in talking to him. I mistook him for another character on the game, who quasi shared a name he once had. It didn’t dawn on me until halfway through our conversation who he was, and then I squee’d with delight!

We chatted a bit, and as a result I ended up unarchving my characters, who’ve sat idle these 10-12 long years, and started a new character to refamiliarize myself with the grid and playing grounds (getting quite horribly lost in Kleindstat (Medieval Germany). I played a bit on Sunday, and have full intention of going back to play some more at a later date.

The old adage that you always return “home” seems to be true. At least, in this case.



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