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FiranCON Planning Nightmares...

Ugh. So most of you who play on Firan know that the last week has been pretty stressful, not because of stuff that’s been going on the game itself, per say, but because our annual FiranCON convention was put in jeopardy by the hotel we booked this year. We’ve booked this same hotel for the last two years, and this would have been our third consecutive time booking it for our yearly get together.

Essentially, the hotel has decided that wedding parties are more important than constant, repeat business, and to breech their contract with us five weeks before our event. They cancelled our suites without informing us and then claimed the wedding parties had first dibs on them (even though we’d reserved and had them held), they bumped us off of our floor because they decided the rooms were needed for the wedding parties and we’d be too “loud” (which is something they had no issue with at the time of the booking), and would no longer guarantee putting us on the same floor.

As a result, we spent the time over the last five days scrambling trying to get a new hotel. We felt it best to find some place else, because this hotel has decidedly become hostile, such to the point that the /owner/ directly told us to find another place because she was more interested in the wedding parties and accommodating them.

It’s been a bumpy 5 days, but things are starting to smooth themselves out, which is good. We managed too find a place within a few hours that could work for us. I went to visit that place and one other, and we managed to pick the first place that was receptive to our needs. A bit more planning needs to go into things to make it work, but we all have a good feeling about the new hotel. They’ve been very sympathetic and very accommodating. Having full kitchens in every room, as it’s an extended stay hotel willing to accommodate us, will be a nice commodity.

But… Meh! It has been an experience!! I'm just hoping the worst is now behind us and that the rest of the Con goes smoothly.


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