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Silver Linings for FiranCON...

There are always rays of silver linings beneath any dark cloud, despite my last post.

Things with FiranCON are starting to progress very nicely. We decided to go with the Candlewood Suites which is located right off if West Nursery Road in Linthicum, and is literally no more than 5 miles away from the air port. They have a shuttle service that runs from early morning hours until about 11 pm.

Tangi, the sales director we’ve been working with, has been super nice. She’s been very accommodating, and has been trying to fit our rather needs as best as they can manage. The Candlewood is an extended stay hotel – which means some people there might very well be permanent residents; or as close to it as some might consider. She’s given us some very nice deals, and has been very eager to help us in any way that she can. So, everyone will have accommodations and we’ll be able to use their grills; both bits of good news that came at exactly the right time..

FiranCON is just a little over a week away. I both can’t wait for it to get here and for it to be over – but at the same time I long for it to never end and I’m quite socially awkward during such events. I love seeing familiar faces, and quite often wish I could just chain them here so they can never go away. Obviously and unfortunately, that can’t happen. Some of my closest friends are Firanites, and one or two are Firanites who live very, very far away and this is the only time we get to see one another.

However, being the one who organizes a large majority of Con, I’m generally always in “organizer/hostess” mode. This is why, in part, I can’t wait for it to be over as well. This year should be better. I learned from last year’s mistakes. Next year we’ll have learned from this year’s mistakes. Next year, we’ll also have the ‘How to Host FiranCON Guide’, which I’m currently in the process of writing. Once I’m happy with it, I’ll move it from my Wiki to the FiranWiki so it’ll be there for use and help us to organize things. There will even be a section which spells out how to keep Steph and Adam sane during the LARP madness months!

So.… Yay for small silver linings when they are needed.


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