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Speaking Of...

Speaking of the Apple Store… the Annapolis Store was dubbed “The Evil Store”. For the past year I’ve gotten nothing but horrible service at the Annapolis Apple Store. The people there had been pretty rude, and acted largely as though they were better than their customers – at least in my experience. This weekend the store redeemed itself.

I was called on Saturday about the part for my computer, Tigger, being in. So, I told them I’d be there that afternoon to take it in. The gentleman who took my computer was very polite and very courteous. It also helped that he was easy on the eyes. His name was Joe. We chatted a tiny bit, not much, but it was the way that he dealt with me that made an impression. He was nice, and he treated me like a person, and he even joked around a bit. All good qualities! I thanked him for his time, and went to hang out at the mall, not wanting to go home right away.

As I mentioned before, I watched two different movies. Yes, I was rather optimistic I’d get my computer back that day – as I hadn’t thought to ask before I left how long the repair would take. Just as the second movie was starting I was called. I figured I’d have enough time to get my computer before I left, and I was right. Pirates let out at 8:45 and so I rushed the length of the mall to get to the store before it closed. I managed to get there in record time, and the lady who helped me was very, very nice about doing so – and not only that, made certain everyone else was covered who was waiting to be helped.

So, the Apple Store redeemed itself a little bit this weekend. Does this mean I’ll recommend going there to anyone? Not just yet, anyway. We’ll have to see how they are in the future. Looking to potentially get an iPod or an iPhone – though I’m pretty certain the phones will only be sold through Cingular. We’ll see!



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Jun. 4th, 2007 01:39 pm (UTC)
Yay, you got to see Pirates! kimbyrle and I might go see Shrek sometime this week before she leaves.
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