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Inna Funk...

Meh. Don't know what's causing it. Just know it's severely affecting my mood. It's not like I haven't had lots of good stuff happen lately, I have. However, this sad sort of feeling has fallen over me lately, and it's rather hard to shake it. Not interested in doing anything in particular. Those things I try to do lose their luster after 5 minutes of trying to do them. Keep going back and forth between things.

On top of that, feeling more than a little bit lonely. Haven't dated in four years. Possibly in a place again where mentally and emotionally I'm ready to try again -- cuz even though I said I'm done, we all know that's not true. Still have issues with the whole idea of dating, but at least I'm more open to it now than I was before. Problem? No prospects. Wouldn't even know where to look. So, that just adds a whole other level of Mehness to the situation.




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Jun. 10th, 2007 03:45 am (UTC)
Heyla, Lisa:

Sorry to poke my nose in but reading this post a couple of times... I know the feeling. As far as dating goes, it is wonderful to hear you are contemplating it again. As far as no prospects go, it might seem like it at the time but I doubt it. I am still hanging around being nosy for a reason and that does NOT consist of pity. Perhaps just take the opportunity to date, have fun, enjoy the company of friends in a romantic if not a relationship sense. Even dating can be practiced and such a date without anything looming overhead certainly seems less nerve-wracking.

Plus, I am far more of a coward and if you cannot manage to recover, where would I look for inspiration in such a circumstance? -smile-

Seriously, I know it is not my place nor my role but... you are a sweet person and I really hope you can banish this specter fully. Loneliness is painful, blandness is numbing and you are far too good for that kind of thing.

Best wishes, hon,
Jun. 10th, 2007 04:10 am (UTC)
I agree with randy.

dating is scary business. I've been out of it since well...a long time too. But as our friends are telling other friends, practice.

You are too good of a person, there is someone out there who deserves you.
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