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Trips and Dinner...

This year instead of just going on one trip, I’m planning two trips. This will be good for me.

The first trip, which is to Seattle, will be the first time I’ve traveled anywhere at all, alone. This will both be an interesting and a frightening experience. I’ve always traveled with family or loved ones, and so – this is a big step for me, to head out into the big world, across the country, all alone.

The second trip is a cruise. I’ve always wanted to go on one, and the opportunity afforded itself this year when several people I know wanted to go too. We’re planning such a sojourn now. It holds for me the exciting promise of adventure. While we’re going together, I recognize largely we’ll all probably be doing our own thing, in some fashion or another, and I know there’s certainly things I want to go see and do, depending on the cruises that they might not. So, I’ll be glad to share this experience and have some alone time too. It’ll be the first trip that I’ll take with people I know, where I can go off and simply do my own thing if I wanted to. Before, most such trips were with my parents, and whenever I expressed wanting to do something else they would express discouragement and I was stuck doing what they wanted instead.

I’m really, really excited for both trips. Now, I just have to break it to my father that I’ll be missing Thanksgiving with him. However maybe I can convince him that dinner could be the week before – when he’s not stuck working on Thanksgiving Day – or some other time the weekend after Thanksgiving. Of course, it means giving up the Black Friday tradition of seeing a movie with the family, but I think I can sacrifice that tradition this year for something that helps me grow a little as a person.

Yesterday my father brought my passport to me, as he was afraid to send it through the mail, and while he knows I’m planning a cruise vacation – he doesn’t know when yet. Because I didn’t get to see him for Father’s Day, I insisted on paying for the meal after he told me he was going to pay. I think I disappointed him a bit, but he drove over a hour to come bring me my passport! That’s enough spoilage, I should think. He didn’t need to get me dinner too! So, I paid. It was a nice dinner, even if he didn’t want to be culturalized and go to the Japanese Steak House. Instead, we went to Glory Days Grill and I had a nice chat with him and my sister Loretta.


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