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Things have been pretty quiet since FiranCON – helped by the fact that FC is currently over and there are no hotels to argue with or stress over or just be plain angry with. However, that’s made for some pretty uninteresting times lately.

Largely I’ve been focusing on Firan and WoW, and helping out my housemate with her Business Marketing class. I’ve been tutoring her this summer in exchange for rent monies, which has lead to some pretty interesting conversations where we both eventually end up apologizing, a lot, to each other. Me, for being so hard on her, asking her questions, and getting to think about her projects, and her for not understanding her assignments exactly. It’s been especially so, with her Business Marketing course, because her professor is... not much of one. Apparently she spends 15 minutes on class time, and 45 minutes on her pregnancy, her kids, and her family – since she’s teaching the class remotely, online. What’s worse is the professor has refused to extend her classes beyond the scheduled time slot, even if she was just wasting everyone’s time about her family life. It’s frustrated Nancy to no end, and made both of creatively interpret what her teacher wants, to the point that we both spent 3 hours in Friday reviewing her group project and fine tuning it before it got turned in.

As a result, and because she’s worried about having two five week courses this coming month, she’s decided to give me my July rent free – because she’s concerned English will take up much of our time; a subject she was never very good with. I have faith, after the things we’ve gone over with grammar, word usage and what not with her current papers, that she’ll be fine. She’s been slowly unlearning some of her bad habits when it comes to writing, not that I consider myself an expert by any means. I’m constantly second guessing myself when reviewing her stuff and trying to explain the rules to her in a way she’ll understand and use practically.

Given that those are the three things I’m mainly focusing on lately, it means that very rarely have I been getting out of the house, and unfortunately I’m feeling it. I’m listless, annoyed and feeling trapped. Sometimes going out to see friends helps with this, but in the end it’s only a temporary solution. So I’ve turned back to looking for inexpensive, regular activities to get involved in (though, depending on the price and the length of the activity, I might consider something more pricey). It seriously doesn’t help that every attempt I’ve made at volunteering at local theatres has met with silence. Why have an email address or a phone number if you’re not even going to call a potential volunteer back? Meh. Frustrating. It’s like being a trapped cat in a cage. So, I continue to look for things to do, whether it be a writing class, dancing, or just… something that catches my attention.

Anyway, that’s a bit of an update for me. Likely will post more things today, as I have much rattling in my head.


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