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An Afternoon at the Movies...

On Sunday I went to see Live Free or Die Hard with dpassmor. The opening question he asked when he got his ticket was, “Do you really want to see this, or are you just humoring me?” To which I honestly responded, “Yes! I really want to see this!”

I’ve been a long time fan of the Die Hard movies, and also Lethal Weapon, Beverly Hills Cops, Rush Hour, the Jason Bourne series of movies, etc. I like a regular mix of things, from children’s movies, to chick flicks, to some (not all) horror, and your hard core action adventure flicks; especially the action adventure. Deep down, there’s that little exploring adventurist side of me that always bubbles to come out. I used to be the brave explorer, loving the woods and other things as a kid. Not so much these days.

Anyway, Sunday…

Die Hard lived up to the expectations that I had for it. It had witty commentary, a good storyline, great acting, and of course the action-adventure and explosions. It’s everything I remember from the other movies. I was rather delighted to see a new had arrived. I was mostly surprised that Bruce Willis would do another such movie, given these kinds of movies are sometimes as physically draining for the actors as they are for the stunt people – though I suppose much of the action adventuring scenes these days can be done with lots of blue/green screen. In any case, I really enjoyed the movie and wouldn’t mind seeing it a second time with other people.

Afterwards we went to Johnny Rockets for dinner and chatted for a bit, and we were entertained by the staff there dancing for us. I can’t remember if they did that the last time I was there or not, but that’s been a few years ago and the only other time I’ve been to a Johnny Rockets.


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Jul. 3rd, 2007 03:54 pm (UTC)
Yay! The movie looked good from the previews, and it's on my list of those I want to see.

Also, yay for having a fun evening out with dpassmor!
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