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I've come to hate packing. Trying to stuff 29 years of one's life into tiny boxes each weekend is somewhat of a depressing thing, especially when you know that there are some things that you're going to have to leave behind, no matter what. This is what I face every weekend when I try to meet my goal of bringing at least one box of stuff to the house in Glen Burnie each weekend. Bleh. I hate packing. I guess that's why I put it off till late Thursday nights, and then I get really mad at myself for procrastinating. It's a vicious, evil cycle.

But! The good thing will be that when I come to move at the end of April (I've decided my last day will be April 23rd at work), all I'll have to move is big stuff. Furniture. All the little stuff will already be here. I like that. And, right now, I have to focus on that little good thing to keep me motivated to pack each weekend. It's going to be horribly depressing to see the room that I've lived in most of my life, barring my younger years and college years, be so empty. Even while at college it would never have been THAT empty.

It's scary. Moving. I'll be leaving my father behind. Sure, sure, I grouse about him and I seriously need my own space so I'm not treated like a blossoming teen-ager who doesn't know better anymore, but he'll be there all alone. He's getting old. He's in his 60's. He keeps himself busy, sure. But, I fear that something might happen to him and not enough people check on him to see if he's alright. So, I worry that something might happen to him. Or, maybe I'm just feeling homesick already, even though I haven't moved in. But, I think that's silly.


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Mar. 21st, 2004 08:33 am (UTC)
You just need bigger boxes. We have some if you want to borrow them. =)
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