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The Caribbean Awaits...

In November, I will be taking a Caribbean Cruise. I will be going on the Carnival Glory with several amazing friends with an equally amazing itinerary that takes us through Cozumel, Belize, Costa Maya and Nassau, Bahamas. There’s so much to do there, and so many choices to make, that quite often it’s overwhelming. I’m still trying to decide which of the shore excursions I want to go on. I’m very much looking forward to this trip, and the experiences it’ll offer. I never fancied myself as someone who would get the change to go out and see the world, and now I’m off to do just that! I do not, for one moment, regret the decisions I’ve made in order to make it happen either.

I think, also, it’ll be a much needed vacation. I haven’t had a real “vacation” since I went to Disney World 4 years ago with Darrick, and that experience, while nice, was not wholly pleasant either. Things happened on the trip between Darrick and I that did not make it entirely pleasant, and it was something of an embittering experience. I’m looking forward to something where there are no expectations placed on me or no preconceived notions that I’ll have to live up to. I can just go and be myself and do whatever it is I want to do, even if that’s simply lounging by the poolside every day, or simply taking a nap when I’m tired. I’ll be free.

This week I need to finalize my passport arrangements and get that sent off. I’ve been putting it off for no good reason, and I really must get that done now so there are no further delays. The passport office is backed up, so it may take a few months for them to even get it back to me, which is a scary thing. Hopefully it’ll get back in time. And, thus far, that is my only concern, and let’s knock on wood that it’ll stay my only concern.

Much. Badly. Needed. Trip.



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