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Grumptastic Day...

I knew yesterday was going to be a bad day for me from the moment I woke up. Yesterday was the kind of day I would have called out sick for, because not only was I severely depressed, but I was also extremely tired. However, because I so desperately want to go on the trip to the Caribbean in the fall, I’m doing my utmost best to just slog through the days where those conditions are present. This was also compounded by the fact that I had a dentist appointment yesterday too, one which cost my pocketbook big again, and leaves me hoping that the insurance will cover quite a bit of what was put out. I had one tooth, a molar that was pretty bad off due to my not going to a dentist because I had no insurance before. He was able to save the tooth, but the cost was $2,600. At least for the three crowns earlier in May I could swallow the $3,470 that it cost, but the one tooth just sort of had me jaw dropping yet again. Thankfully, though, this is the last of the REALLY MAJOR, OMG THIS IS CRAZY, kind of work that I need to get done. And, it’ll be done done, and I won’t have to worry about it again. I can focus on the minor stuff at a more leisurely pace. Say --- in a few months.

I was so grumptastic yesterday (yes that is a word, I made it up, deal), that I blew up at little things that normally, if I was rationally thinking, I might even had agreed with. Realizing this, I walked away from the situation that was making me irrationally angry. Really, it was for the best. For mere moments I considered violently throwing my computer across the room, and that would have been bad. Very, very bad. I love my computer. So, instead, I walked away from it as well, and went downstairs to seek dinner. This was good. I ended up talking to Nancy and Scott for a small while.

Nancy asked if I’d eaten dinner yet, and I told her no – that’s why I came down stairs to begin with. They fussed at me and waited on me hand and foot to prepare something for me to eat, which I kept trying to profusely and futilely get them to stop doing. They don’t have to wait on me! I’m perfectly capable of raiding the refrigerator, now that I’m not so afraid to do it now, and get something to eat. Instead, Scott insisted on putting together the left over roast and heating up the gravy, while Nancy helpfully suggested he add the left over potatoes to the meal. He gave her an annoyed look, but smiled, and then went about adding that to the plate too, then heated everything up. We sat around and talked more while I ate. Their generosity and insistence on doing things for me continues to astound me. Nancy is insisting on taking me to they movies this weekend as a distraction, another thing which she does not have to do.

Anyway, talking to them helped calm me down enough that I could start dealing with people – or at least with WoW – again. I ended up playing some of that last night, working towards getting Elisiana to level 64 (which she’ll hit tonight possibly) and catching up on some of my poorly neglected soaps. I think I’ll be doing some of that this weekend – with over 50 hours to watch (I did say poorly neglected right?) and catch up on, I should have more than enough to do. Failing that, maybe I’ll try my hand at writing – but we’ll not hold our breath, ok?

And yes, I do realize that I’m fortunate to have such great friends, even at some of my more grumptastic moments.



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Jul. 20th, 2007 06:05 pm (UTC)

Sometimes doing for people is the only outlet for showing you care. And in your situation, it is probably the only one you can even remotely let people do for you.

I understand the not talking about it. I did it for years and still do to some large extent.
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