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New Kitchen Table!

Work gave me a kitchen table. Sometimes they get donations into the center and people don't always need stuff. They couldn't get rid of the table because no one on our list needed it, and so I got it. Eric and his girlfriend Debbie helped me bring it up to Glen Burnie. Getting here proved to be an interesting feat!

Traffic for 97 was backed up all the way to Annapolis. There was no way that I was going to wait hours for that stuff to clear up, so I decided to try an alternate route. Yay for adventuring! So, I went past the 97 exit and took Riva Road with the intention of getting on 2 and heading back toward the Annapolis Mall. I missed the exit and stayed on 665, Allen T. Boulevard instead. Opps! And they had a slight backup there too, but thankfully it was only because of the traffic light. So! We do a U'y and get into 2 and head toward the Mall again - turing left onto West Street and then down Defense Highway, to Crownsvill Road, to Generals Highway (which apparently West Street would have turned into Generals Highway if we'd just stayed on it) and then to 97. Meanwhile, Eric and Debbie got to see the sight of the Maryland Rennaisance festival while following along behind me. That's on Crownsville Road.

The good thing? We got past whatever happened, because southbound 97 was also backed up. Boo for accidents! And I got to learn some of the roads. Thank goodness for county maps! The large book kind, even if they are a little confusing to try and use!

We got to the house just fine. Got the table all put together, replacing the card table thingy that Darrick had been using since moving to the house. The new table isn't much. It's uses and slightly beat up, but free. Can't really beat that since a new table would cost about $300-$600, depending on just how fancy you want it to be. It had a leaf too, which made me happy.

As a reward, I treated Eric and Debbie to dinner. We tried out the 'China Wok' and had some Chineese Food. I think I like their boneless spare ribs better than some of the other places I've been to. That makes 3 delivery places that I've tried now too. Yay for delivery! Eric Debbie and I chatted for a bit before they had to go. They were waiting for the Bay Bridge traffic to clear to get back to the Eastern Shore because the touristy beach idiots from the Western Shore wanted to go to the beach for the weekend. I hate beach goers.


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