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Getting Organized...

When there are things that I need to have done, I have this huge tendency to procrastinate in doing them. This is only true in the case where it personally involves me. When I’m at a friend’s house, I’m among one of the first to pitch in to help clean up and make sure things are neat and where they are supposed to be. I’m completely the opposite at home, in my personal living space. When I had an apartment, I strived to keep it clean and went to great lengths to make it presentable. Being locked away in my cell at home, what I lovingly refer to as my bedroom, I don’t make that same effort because the space is smaller and because finding places to put things confounds me. I’ve even run out of alternative options; the Ikea under the bed containers that I’d picked up several months ago. Simply, I just have too much stuff for a very small bedroom space.

So, I think I’ve decided that I’m going to spend the next week working on getting that space organized, and getting myself organized. I’m going to go through my books and see which ones I no longer want and see if the library wants them; failing that I’ll maybe Ebay them. I’m going to end up selling at least half of my RPG books either on Amazon or Ebay; some of which are no longer in print, and might still be fetching a hefty price because of that. I’m going to go through my closet and see which clothes I no longer want or need, or have too many stains to be saved. I suck at getting stains out, and sadly most of those stains get set within the first week of wearing them. UNLESS – someone has suggestions on how to remove said stains. Most of it is likely salad dressing or mayonnaise – things that have been the evil bane of all my new clothes, at one time or another. I’m also going to see about which clothes that don’t fit me right now that I want to keep “just in case” I go down a size or two. I have a Wii, and I’m going to be using it rather heftily to get some exercise; another thing I’ve been procrastinating on.

To facilitate the start of that, I have decided that I’m going to, more or less, take the next week away from the computer. The computer is a lovely tool, but it is also an evil tool that entices one to procrastinate further. It has lots of lovely gadgets, gizmos and devices which pull your attention away from the things that you need to be doing; even now, honestly – I should be doing work for work and I’m writing this post instead. But, that helps to prove my point. So, the plan for this week, save for when I need to do work of course, is to stay away from the computer and spend some time doing the things I keep putting off, including getting out and exercising. The plan for this week is also to find a way to better organize and manage my time in a better fashion. It’s not just the computer that’s the culprit though. I’m easily distracted by the television, and even, yes, books. Books are a nice little devil sitting on my shoulder whispering, “Read me. Read me. You know you want to. Don’t you love me anymore?”

I did a bit of an experiment on changing one of my habits over the last few weeks, and it seems to work for me. Where most major changes take 30 days to stick out of habit, this one tiny thing only took a week to stick. So, I’m hoping by focusing on things for a week, at least to start, and by setting a good example for myself by not letting myself get away with something, and procrastinate further, that I might be able to make a good difference. It’s at least worth a real try, and I won’t ever know what I can do beyond that if I don’t try. So, we’ll see.

The one exception to staying away from the computer, during the week, that I’ll make is the Oshta family Dinner on Wednesday. That is already a scheduled event. I feel confident enough that I can forgo everything else to go to that one event while still sticking to my plan. And, possibly, writing on my book. I have some other ideas for it that I want to get down on paper, and it's better to do it sooner rather than later. I've also already reserved weekends for WoW. This means that my progress will be slower, but I'll at least still progress there. (Sorry for being so slow guys!)


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Aug. 13th, 2007 08:42 pm (UTC)
Stains: You don't need any fancy stain removers, even for set stains. I've had shirts with things like BBQ sauce and Ketchup "set" in them. Take your favorite liquid laundry soap, put a generous dab on the stain and let sit. Usually an hour or two, even overnight if its really stubborn. I've been surprised how well this works.
Aug. 13th, 2007 11:43 pm (UTC)
We just have to burn off your rest xp every weekend!
Aug. 14th, 2007 03:00 am (UTC)
As much as she annoys me, I can't recommend Flylady.com enough for getting organized.
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