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Day One: The Plan

Well, the problem with plans is that things do not always go as planned. That was evidenced by yesterday. The first thing that happened when I go home was that Nancy decided we should go out to dinner for Chinese. Or, actually, first we were just going to order it, and then we all went out to dinner instead when there was some debate involved.

Dinner went well and was really good. I decided to get beef and spring onions, which was not something I tried before. They gave us little scoops of sorbet to clean the pallet, and then Nancy and I decided to have dessert. She got the Italiano, which was vanilla and rich chocolate ice cream with amoretto, and I got the Coppa Kaffe, which was vanilla and coffee ice cream with chocolate crunches on top.

Getting home, I had planned to read scroll back on Firan and then work on several other things afterwards. I read scroll back, and got sucked in. I should have known! I know better. I also got unexpectedly tagged for RP, and I didn’t want to ignore the player, so I obliged them with a scene. HOWEVER! I did mitigate things a bit by deciding to use the Wii, and RP’d and Wii’d at the same time. While the Wii is a distraction, it is an acceptable distraction. It allows me to exercise, which is good. Very good! I also worked on sending various people my Wii code last night. If you want it just ask, and I’ll send it.

I still need to work on the decluttering. I’ll start on that tonight. I figured last night was going to be a wash anyway, but I wanted to at least give last night a good shot at trying to get things together. I think playing the Wii for an hour and a half was a good start to the exercise bit.


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