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This weekend I had the dubious honor of experiencing hives for the first time. I’ve never had an allergic reaction in my life, so I found the experience especially unsettling and extremely scary. Thankfully, I had Nancy around the house on Friday, who immediately sent me off to the ER to get checked out. I had changed nothing in my diet, the way I handle things, or anything at all before going to the ER – save for closing the back gate at work.

The ER was very crowded on Friday night. I don’t know if they are generally this busy, but the wait for me was an hour and a half, after I filled out the appropriate paperwork, and then another 30-40 minutes before the doctor could see me once I was settled in a private room. I kept hearing the nurses apologize, and promising people they would get with them right away, but they just didn’t have any place to put them as yet, and they’d be with them as soon as possible. I was given a dose of Prednisone and Benedryl, and they let me sit on the stretcher for about an hour before releasing me. While I was at the ER, I decided to wash off my arm to see if that would help anything. The cool water apparently made the hives start to fade faster. I was given a prescription for a stepped-down-dosage 5 day supply of Prednisone, and told to keep taking the Benedryl with it.

Friday night I slept in my own bed, waking up every, 2 hours due to the hives being all itchy and scratchy, before forcing myself back to sleep. I’d wash off the affected areas, to help with the itching and stuff, since that seemed to work while I was at the ER.

Saturday I made sure to take a nice, cool shower in hopes of reducing the hives. They started to come back very quickly though. I decided to experiment. I packed up my computer and went dowstairs. The hives started to fade away. Deducing that whatever was causing them was in my room, I decided to take every piece of clothing and bedding that I owned that was not in the closet or the chests of drawers that I have, and wash it. I only stayed in my room long enough to grab clothes and run. I frequently changed the clothing I was wearing as well, in case the allergens or whatever it was got on them, throwing them into the wash. As a result, I deduced it was neither the laundry soap nor the fabric softener that I use that was causing the hives.

I tried to sleep in my own bed on Saturday, but that was a no go. The hives got worse in my room. I slept on the sofa downstairs during the night, again waking up every 2 hours – this time to ice the hives, and make them fade faster. Poor little ice packs could not keep up! Two hours was just enough for them to refreeze again for my needs. I used one of my newly washed sheets to cover up with, as it was light and airy (300 count cotton!), since the detergent was not the issue. After multiple attempts to get a good night’s rest, I finally gave up and just started checking stuff out on the computer.

Sleeping on the sofa was interesting. Flash stood up against the sofa to check things out, and sniff at me. Later in the evening she jumped up on the sofa, and then was like – OH! It’s YOU! And went on her merry way. Squeaky, the visiting cat, kept yowling, wanting to be fed. Or, wanted to be super affectionate right as I was icing my legs. PET ME. NO! STOP! PAY ATTENTION TO ME! MEOW MEOW MEOW! Then there was Michael, their parrot. He was nattering back and forth with himself, chatting away, and when it became light again, there was squawking. When Scott took Sergio, their Italian Greyhound, out for a walk, I received a wet nose in the face. Small prices to pay, and none unwelcome.

On Sunday, I cleaned my room like a fiend. I used Arm & Hammer room deodorizer that also kills germs on the carpet, just in case it was something there. I managed to get everything in my room in order, for the first time, finding a place for nearly everything, since I’ve moved there. Piles of “stuff” have been moved around here and there. The hives did not return as much on Sunday, and I was able to sleep in my own room last night, without my sleep being interrupted. Heaven, that was.

I’ve determined I need some more storage space, either under the bed, or maybe one of those additional cubby closets you can get from Ikea. I just don’t have enough storage space :/ I also need additional collapsible hangers so my closet can fit more of my clothing hanging up. Nancy and I are going to Ikea this coming Sunday to go look at things, and maybe for me to buy some more storage stuff. I intend, at the very least, to get another under the bed container. I find those immensely useful. I may also look for a replacement for my old, childhood dresser. It’s served me long and well over the years, but I think it is time to get one that seems more “real”, and is of more use. And, maybe I’ll look for an entertainment center of sorts for my TV and other stuff that could serve as a secondary dresser/armoire sort of combination. It’s something I’ll need to think about more, in figuring out how to utilize the space that I have available..

I have a few little odd and end things to finish up tonight, and so I’ll work on that when I get home, and then I’ll be completely satisfied I’ve got everything just where I want it, or mostly where I want it, so as to be happier about the state of my room. Also, it’ll be much EASIER to keep clean now, as I do not intend to let it go back into any state of disrepair ever again.


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Oct. 10th, 2007 06:10 pm (UTC)
Yes, yes it'll be much easier now. While it does suck, I'm glad to finally have that task done.
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