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Gaming Day!

Today was somewhat surreal for me, in some respects. I got up, showered and packed my things. I wasout of the house in Glen Burnie by 11:30 and went on my way to adamdray's house. D&D Game Day - the Adventure Group. Now, that's all pretty normal stuff, but usually when I pack my things I go home to Centreville. That was the surreal part for me. Or maybe surreal is not the right word for it.

While there and before playing D&D, stephdray attempted to suck me into watching West Wing, to the point that I got to watch 1 and 3/4 episodes while there. The first two off their Season One DVD set. She's decided it's her mission to make sure I get sucked in. This was after the West Wing discussion at my birthday dinner a couple of weeks ago and discovering not only did I not have a favorite character, but I also don't watch the show. Heck, I don't even know when it comes on television. The only channel I really watch these days is WB - for the corny dramatic stuff because, like, Buffy is off the air now :)

Because some of our usual players didn't come and kralentor was the only other person to show up, adamdray called ironman and gwyndyn to come play. They're part of the political group usually, but we needed extra fire power because we were going to... ahem... take on a dragon. Yes, a dragon. Aren't we smart? But, thankfully, we worked out a plan in which we didn't have to actually try to kill said dragon, and I think that worked out for the best - I think. We'll see.

It was late, 9:00, by the time we finished. Looooong gaming session. But, much fun. Yay fun! Then, I drove the long hour and a half back to my house in Centreville since I'm still working in Easton. For now. Notice goes in tomorrow. Last day, April 23rd. I really can't wait to move to Glen Burnie, even if the situation there isn't very ideal.


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