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And We're Walking...

The cruise is up and coming. Yay cruise. To help myself prepare for the cruise, three nights ago I started walking. The first night out, I probably nearly died. At least, that’s how it felt! OMG! Out of shape! My legs cramped and my back hurt to hell. We walked around our block, and I was afraid I wouldn’t make it.

So, the last two nights I’ve stayed home, and I’ve walked on the treadmill. The first night was damn boring. I didn’t think to put anything downstairs with me while walking. I forced myself to go through 15 minutes, but I constantly looked at the clock when doing it. The second night, I decided to take my computer downstairs and stream one of the shows I can’t watch live/record with TiVo because it conflicts with something else I’m already recording.

Bionic Woman was the distraction of choice. Sooooo much better!! Having something to occupy my mind with, while my body is going through the motions and degrees of evil while I get used to walking again, is very much a happy making thing. The treadmill has a frontal lip where my laptop sits quite nicely, and my headphones make it easy for me to hear what’s going on, so all I have to do is stand there and walk, and walk, and walk, and walk, while my mind is occupied with other things. Also, it’s nice that this particular treadmill has cup holders, so I can keep water nearby to drink.

Tonight, I am going to step up the walking to 20 minutes. I think I should start doing this right when I get home though, rather than somewhere around 8 or 9pm, as I always seem to have something to do around the latter times. Plus? It’ll just be easier to get into a routine if I start right after work. I’m going to add 5 minutes every 2 days, so I can hopefully condition myself to push myself further. I think once I hit 30 minutes, I’ll try going around the block again with Scott – which may mean a later walk, or two walks in a day, which would not be an altogether bad thing! Cept, Scott walks at night, so we’ll see.

My hope is that with the constant walking and exercise every day, I’ll be able to fit into some of the clothes I managed to grow out of this year, which means less with the shopping for lower half stuff, for both winter and summer clothing, and more with the picking out nice, cute stuff for me to wear in the downtime. I’ll be excited to see what the results are after this weekend. I’ll also need to plan to drink more water. Water good. Especially after walking.

I should also work on upper body strength, so my little dumbells may be getting a workout as well. This will help with the swimming, which relies heavily on leg strength and upper body/arm strength, both of which are severely lacking for me right now.


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Oct. 18th, 2007 12:00 pm (UTC)
Eh. I like Bionic Woman. I've resolved myself to the fact that they are not going to be telling the original story. They are taking things in a new direction, kinda like they did with the umpteen million Superman/Superboy television shows that have been out there; Superboy, Louis & Clark, Smallville - particularly the latter, which is taking great poetic license with the show and how it presents itself. Really, he doesn't meet Louis until much later, but now she's a staple of Smallville. So, I'm willing to give it a chance for what it is they are giving us, and see how it plays out.
Oct. 18th, 2007 01:24 am (UTC)
kimbyrle made a comment that my dog walks are likely contributing to my weight loss. I had to bite my tongue really really hard to not say something sarcastic because honestly? Aside from dancing (and even that is primarily SCA dancing, which we haven't even encountered in this kingdom yet), there is no form of exercise that I will willingly subjugate myself to.

I am glad, looking back, that I started slow, with just a few walks per day. I'm not looking forward to my upcoming Wednesday with 5 walks, one of them 1hr, the rest 1/2 hr... poor Roxi is like the shoemaker's kid, running around barefoot, because by the time I get done with my walks, I typically just let her run around in the back yard rather than taking my own flippin dog on a walk like she deserves.

When I started waiting tables, and then, years later, when I started working retail? I thought I was going to die, that the pain in my legs & feet would never go away. But it does.

Yay having a fun goal (the cruise) to keep you motivated!
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