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19 Days and Counting...!!!

OMG! So unprepared. The Caribbean Cruise I am taking with 5 of the bestest friends in the whole wide world is in 19 days. I have absolutely no shoppin done. Nothing to pack. No lists created. Very ill prepared (and WAY out of shape to be going on a Caribbean Cruise and excursions!!). Maybe I'll just lounge around the ship the entire time? Eh. Who knows. We'll see.

I need:

1) resort type clothing that's decent and not stained
2) formal wear for the Gala and Captain's Dinner
3) shoes that are appropriate for weater
4) some kind of waterproof wallet to store money, creditcards, my room key and a copy of my passport in (not the actual passport itself)
5) and a WHOLE bunch of other stuff that I am likely forgetting

I DO have my passport already. That's been done, or else I'd be SOL.

Just. PANIC!

I need to check to make sure I have enough batteries for my camera, or see if I can't find the rechargable ones.

I should also see if they don't have any of those disposable underwater cameras around, so if I DO get over my fear of snorkeling (I almost drowned myself once using one of those full face masks rather than just goggles), I can take some underwater pictures.

19 DAYS!!!!

Now, if Carnival Cruises would just get their act together, and post the rest of our excursions, everything would be great!


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