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Day One of 19 and Counting

Only 19 days until I am no longer working. 19 because at least one of those days we get off for Good Friday. Today's Plan:

Pick up food from Safeway for our pantry. That consists of 4 cases of peanut butter, 4 cases of jelly, 10 cases of sausages, 10 cases of hotdogs, 10 cases of pot pies, and 150 lbs, all individually wrapped, of groud beef.

Work some more on getting my files caught up to date so the next person doesn't have to worry about them. Call Lorry about the HMIS (Homelessness Management Information System) software aka Service Point to see about setting up a demonstration for this week. If the Center is getting this, then ideally I'd like to be there to help her set it up and stuff, since I can help her out with the design - as long as she actually designs it.

The program we're using now is horrible! It was designed for Head Start and plugging in information from the Head Start program, which is not the same information that we capture. We have to modify our to the software that we're using, even if we do not need to use half the information there. So, that means that most of the files will go incomplete because we can't go back and contact customers who's numbers are disconnected. It's a real pain in the ass. Grar! This is because if we don't have the information, it won't let us progress past a certain point.

With Service Point, we can design the software capabilities to our needs and we customized files and reports to our specifications. A LOT less heartache is involved with Service Point. despite the costs, I really hope the center attempts to use it,since the other program... just... is so frustrating. That's politely wording it, too.

Anyway, that's my plan for the day.


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