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Holiday Tidings...

To counteract all the woe is me posts about my health, I’ve decided to go ahead and post about Christmas.

On Friday night I took the housemates, Nancy and Scott, to the movies. We saw National Treasure: The Book of Secrets. I generally liked the movie, but like Nancy and Scott I think there’s something missing. However, I can’t quite put my finger on what’s missing. All the same, I enjoyed the movie. When we got home, I futzed around a bit on the computer, worked on packing and we ate dinner.

On Saturday, I finished laundry and futzed around the house a bit until about 2pm. I decided by that time I was awake enough to finally go home. Once there, I was enthusiastically greeted by my father’s border collie, Pete, wiggling all over the place, with his tongue going a mile a minute. The house felt a bit empty without my kitty also greeting me, he’d died right before Thanksgiving, but I pushed those thoughts aside and lavished my attention on the dog instead. We had a quiet night at the house, having Chinese for dinner.

On Sunday, we went to Dover, DE, where I finished my shopping for Christmas at Best Buy, finding at least one movie for my father that had Frank Sinatra in it, meeting my goal for shopping. He wanted movies with either Frank Sinatra or Jimmy Stewart, both of which were rather hard to find. I’d also picked up a few things for my sister, Loretta, and got gift certificates for everyone else who failed to give me a list of things they wanted.

On Monday, we spent a quiet evening home. I alternated between watching television with my father and Loretta, and futzing about on the computer. I wrapped those presents I hadn’t yet bothered to wrap, including some cake decorating and baking books I got for my sister, Sherry, and some things I’d gotten for Nancy and Scott, since we agreed to exchange presents on Christmas Day when I got back home.

On Tuesday morning, Dad, Loretta and I exchanged gifts after breakfast, and prepared for the rest of the family to come over. I made the traditional cheese, meat and cracker tray, while they worked on the turkey and fixings. My sister Susan and her husband, David, were the first to arrive, bringing along their own cheese platter thingamajig as well. My sister Sandy and her husband, Mike, arrived next, bringing along their one year old puppy, Ky. Last, my sister Sherry and her husband, Perry, came, bringing their youngest son, Shawn.

We all exchanged greetings and gifts, as each arrived, and then settled in finally for dinner. The food was good, and the only mishap this year was that the rolls were…. a bit hard. Something always manages to go wrong with dinner, though nothing so great that it ever gets spoiled. We sat around and chatted, I showed off my Wii and generally just enjoyed each other’s company. Amazingly, I did not hide from the group of people either, as I’m usually overwhelmed by crowds.

The time went by too fast, and all too soon I had to pack up and go home. For a change, I was not the last to leave. Once back, I exchanged gifts with Nancy and Scott, and then went to my room to crash for the night, as I had mentioned before I hadn’t been feeling very well. All in all, it was a very nice holiday, and it was good to see everyone again. Now, we all just have to do a bit better about not making it a once a year sort of thing!


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