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Spring Cleaning in January...

Right before the cruise, I had thoroughly cleaned my room up and put everything away. Then, I had to pack for the cruise, and everything came out of its hiding spot, and I did not have time to clean up again. After the cruise, nothing got put back. It waited and waited, and then the Christmas holidays snuck up on me, and I was stuck with shipping boxes and packaging, and other sundry things also accumulating in my room. My room is my living space, my cell. Everything I own is there, since I neither own my own home, or rent an apartment any longer.

This weekend, the first weekend I felt well in a long time, enough was enough. The clutter had to go. So, I worked very hard, and very diligently, sorting things, putting them into piles, moving them places they ought to go, putting laundry together, finding the right places for things, throwing stuff out, etc, etc. I took breaks in between, but the motivation was so strong that I did not allow mysef any really large breaks until, say, midnight, and then I was allowed to play. Television and music were the usual distractions for me, keeping my attention here and there, so the process was slow going, but in a relaxed enough environment that I did not resent the work, like I normally do.

The end result is a room that I can once more stand, and a working space around my computer that I can see again; both of which are very good things for me, as that sort of thing always improves my mood.

The work doesn't end there though. I have determined that I need to go through the stuff I still have and determine further what it is I need, and what needs to get chucked out to the garbage bins. I also need to let go of a few things that I thought might be of use, but are really serving no real purpose. Then there's the much older Macintosh PowerPC and Apple monitor that are sitting on my desk, both of which are looking pretty and collecting dust. I need to figure out what to do with those, once I get the information off the PowerPC.

So, thusly begins spring cleaning, even though it is not spring, and a vastly needed decluttering process. Had I had a home of my own, this would not all be so bad, as it would be spread out in proper places. But, I don't, and so I must cut, cull, throw out, pull back, skim off the top anything that I don't really need. I have a feeling I am in for a very, very long haul.


(And yes, Kelly, Welcome to the Jungle would have thoroughly applied to the state of my room, if you could remember the way ours in college used to get at times.)


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Jan. 14th, 2008 03:48 am (UTC)
That is the motto (and a sign) I have for my classroom :)
Jan. 14th, 2008 01:02 pm (UTC)
Welcome to the Jungle?

We used to have a dry erase board on our college dorm room door. Whenever I got tired of the mess in our room (and god was it bad) I'd always write that on the door to singal it was time clean things up :)
Jan. 15th, 2008 10:47 pm (UTC)
*LOL* Oh, I remember! :-D
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