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Movie Goodness!

The day was beautiful, absolutely gorgeous. I wish I hadn't had to stay at work all day, it was that perfect. Bright blue skies (after a morning of cloudy rain) and warmish fresh air. I loved every moment of it, especially driving down the highway to my house in Glen Burnie. Good spirits abounded today, only to brightend by the lovely spring weather we're having. And, it didn't hurt that I was on my way to meet with friends either.

The first thing I did was drop my stuff off at the house in Glen Burnie. One more box of junk - this time hangers and some magazines. But, that's another box of stuff to be left at the house and I can start putting away some of those clothes I dropped off the week before. Jennifer was there when I got home. Apparently, she made the screen door get stuck, so I had to go in the back door. I know my key for that door works now, which is a good thing to know. I basically said HI! and BYE! to she and Darrick before jumping back into my car and traipsing off to Owings Mills.

There, I met bluekitsune, ironman and gwyndyn. bluekitsune had invited me to go out to the movies with them earlier in the week. We ate dinner at Red Robin, mmm good, and then went off to the AMC in Owings Mills to see Scooby Doo2!

The movie wasn't too bad. It was MUCH better than the first one, which is usually something you can't say about a sequel. Much corny funness and giggles, and overall a great time to be had. I didn't get home till late, but jumped on the computer anyway. Tomorrow, I go to Port Discovery with ironman and gwyndyn to check out the place before gwyndyn takes her school kids there.


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