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Port Discovery!

Port Discovery was today's destination. I was invited to go by gwyndyn and ironman. The plan was to meet them at 12:00 p.m. at their apartment. Getting there proved to be less eventful than the night before when I met them for dinner. There was an accident on 695 between 40 and 70 the night before. Which, uneventful driving is fine by me. I don't like delays. Driving delays seriously irk me (if you haven't discovered from my post about getting to Glen Burnie last weekend).

I waited for them to get ready to go and chatted a bit while waiting. We decided to go to Mc'D's since we hadn't eatten. I was too busy making sure I had bathroom time that morning before leaving since Jennifer likes to hog the bathroom. On the way to Mc'D's we noticed an odd dog running down the street. We stopped at Giant and gwyndyn noticed a lost dog sign for the puppy. They called about the dog, letting the people know we saw it, and they seemed really happy. We got our food and went on our way to the Metro station.

I've never been on the Baltimore Metro before. I've been on the one from New Carollton into DC. They're not really any different, except people keep saying Baltimore's is more "dangerous". Eh. They seem exactly the same to me, but maybe that's because it was my first experience and nothing happened. If you keep to yourself, most people will leave you alone. Usually.

We walked around Balitmore a bit trying to find Port Discovery. Good exercise! We got off at the Charles Center stop. Turns out if we had kept going one more stop, Shot Tower, we would have been right there. We didn't know, so no biggie, and the walking around was fun anyway. We saw the signs for 'Passport' the movie ride in the Inner Harbor and considered going maybe later or anothre day.

Port Discovery was filled with much kid goodness, down to mazes and mysteries to be solved. I regretted not being a kid. The towering structure in the center where kids can play seemed neat! It even had a 'zip-line' for kids to hang out on. Though, that didn't stop gwyndyn from getting in on some of the fun. She climbed one of the Towery things in the Egyptian maze that we were in, and through the drain pipe in the mystery room. There were other fun, educational, crafty things to do as well, but we stayed away from those rooms. Oh, the messes that we could have made!

Afterward, we decided to go ahead and try out Passport, the movie ride. If you've ever been to Disney World, and gotten on either Star Tours or Body Wards, or to Paramount's Kings Dominion and gotten on the Days of Thunder ride, the movie ride is a bit like that - only not quite as thrilling and definitely more educational. It's complete with air effects and misting - at least with the Oceanarium2. It was kinda neat.

We went back to their apartment, grabbing dinner from Boston Market on the way. I created my Star Wars character for ironman's up and coming game. A scoundrel. Lyla.... er.... I forget her last name already. But Lyla. Her skills are pretty well rounded, I think. She just can't ever get shot! I just now need to purchase equipment. I get 4,500 cred to start off with. Equipment is always the hard part. Once I finished with the character, I headed on home. It was getting late, and I'd lost track of time. Another fun filled day. Yay!


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