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Slowing Down...

It's only natural that after such a busy weekend, that things would start to slow down for me. That's what today was for me, my 'slowing down' day. It was odd not to have anything to do. Well, almost not having anything to do. I debated calling kralentor to see if he wanted to do anything, but I hedged and resolved to call him later in the week to see if he wanted to do anything next weekend instead. There I go being all chicken again.

I focused on unpacking three of the boxes I'd previously brought to the house so I could make use of them again. Half of my clothes are unpacked - summer things - and put away in my new dresser and in my closet. I now have two carousel music boxes sitting on one of my book shelves, and other odds and ends put away. And lots and lots of hangers are now filled with clothes and lots more are just sitting there and waiting to be filled.

On the way home, I decided to stop by the Annapolis (Westfield) Mall. I noticed that the Prince and Me was playing and decided to go see that. I guess it was a premiere showing, because they only had one time slotted for it, 1:30 p.m. There were no other times slotted for it. That was good, because apparently Crown Theatres makest heir 'Twilight' (last) showing $5.00, so less money I had to spend.

The movie was very, very good. And inspirational. It gave me hope that love could be found. I know, that's cheesy, but it did! Nevermind, it had my favorite ending. The commoner girl got to marry the king. Or would get that chance. Above all else, I'd been getting pretty tired of books or films where commoner girls fall in love with princes and kings, but something had stopped them from persuing their love. I was happy that the girl got to get the guy for a change, which is something I really wanted to see.

I also stopped in at Borders, since work gave me a $25 gift certificate for my birthday for there. I got the new Noel-Anne Brenner(?) novel called 'Blood of the Land'. I fell in love with her first book a few months ago called 'Sword of the Land'. It has a strong female protaganist. I also got Mercedes Lackey's 'Exile's Valor', the sequel to 'Exile's Honor'. It's Albreich's story in her Valdemar series. And lastly, I got the new Tamora Pierce book, 'Trickster's Choice'. This, in her latest series, is about Alanna's daughter, Aly. It'll be interesting to see that story continue. As a teen-ager, I loved reading her Lioness Ramprant series. I also discovered that I very much like her Magic Circle series too, which is about a completely different world and set of characters.


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