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Birthday Celebrations

Wednesday, March 12th, was my birthday. Thank you to everyone who wished me a happy birthday!

This year I did my traditional dinner/movie - but it was not in the same respects as I normally do it. Normally, I go out with a large group of friends to celebrate, have dinner with them, then go watch a movie. This year, my beau (paultucker) and I watched a movie on Wednesday night, then held a long distance cooking session on Friday night and had dinner together. Both nights, we stayed up chatting with one another until it was time for me to dash off to bed, amusing one another and just generally having a good time. During the week I received the presents that he got me, a book on seafaring women and the DVD Rosenkrantz & Guildestern Are Dead.

Saturday, I went over to stephdray and adamdray's house, where Steph proceeded to take me shopping. We went through all sorts of stores, and I tried on a variety of clothing that kept being handed to me, until we both settled on a few things that might look nice on me (though Steph and I disagreed on at least two things that I ended up purchasing for myself). We went back to her house, where I hung out with she and Adam for a goodly portion of the evening, before heading back home once more. Between Steph and I, I came home with 2 pairs of capris, 5 shirts and my first, nice dress jacket.

All in all, I had happy birthday fun that lasted for a good portion of the week, and was muchly needed in light of other stuff looming over my head. This was all thanks to great friends, and a wonderfully fantastic boyfriend.

(Oh, and this year? I did not manage to lose my keys and have to drive alllll the way back to Steph and Adam's house at 4 am to go and get them, and come back home and plop into bed. So, much better than last year on that front!!)


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