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Busy March Schedule

This Week:

Tuesday -> Wednesday - Going to my father's house in Centreville so I can make an early, early Doctor's appointment. Possibly taking Wednesday off to accomodate - undecided. Will decide on Monday. Going home to Bowie. I need to make sure I warn my father that I'll be coming over on this day (like, call him tomorrow.) and make sure to get the DSL set up so's I can talk to people and check in on the games and stuff.

Friday-Sunday: Going home to Centreville, braving Bay Bridge traffic, for Easter Weekend. Will have Easter dinner with the family, where they will proceed to woe is me that I do not visit them often enough. WOE IS ME! YOU DO NOT VISIT US OFTEN ENOUGH!! (I wish I was kidding! And, not that they ever come to visit me over here all that often. Meh!)

I will also proceed to gush over the boyfriend and tell them all about him this weekend (or, all day Sunday in the case of some). I'm sure to get a wary few tsks because I'm their baby sister and they worry for me. I shall also warn them that I plan to go out of the country sometime later this year, or early next, so my sisters do not freak on me like they did that one time I went to New York, and think I was killed by an axe murderer and buried in the back yard. (No, I'm not joking. I wish I was. It's as amusing to me now as it was then, shocking, but amusing.)

Next Week:

Friday-Sunday: Going home to Centreville, braving Bay Bridge traffic, to house sit for my father, and possibly my sister (?? I'll need to find that out for sure), while they run off to the Big Apple, and while I stay amazed that Loretta is actually going back to New York after saying she would never go after that fateful year they came to get me on Long Island when my car broke down.

Possibly during the latter weekend I will meet up with my friend Eric, and his wife Debbie, who I have not seen in almost two years (I am such a poor friend) and maybe my friend Ben (ashamanmat's twin brother), who will be in from Utah that weekend. If we manage to meet up, it'll be the first time I've seen him since his family moved to Utah back in... uh... 1991?? I saw his twin, Matt, last in 2005 (I think) when I was in the middle of packing to move to Nancy and Scott's house. Though, the bum has been back here since that time - and just not given me enough notice to meet up with him.


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