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Errand Hell

Gah. Yesterday involved some errand hell. First, I went to the Apple Store – you know, the great big evil one in Annapolis that usually has the stuck up, snooty, holier than though people working for it? Well, thankfully this time SHE was not there. I worked with a nice gentleman who aided me with my sad battery. It turns out, despite what the website says, they are claiming that sad batteries are going by serial numbers, rather than what their other website is saying. Whatever. I ended up purchasing a new battery anyway because rather than dealing with it, I just wanted to get the problem fixed. However, the gentleman was very, very nice about everything, and didn’t blame me for the computer’s issues like SHE did the first time I brought a computer into the store. No, I don’t know HER name, just that she’s a less than ideal person to be working on other people’s computers. Very poor customer service manners.

The other thing was that I went to go for an eye exam yesterday – and met with dismal failure. The places I went are advertised as “No Appointments Necessary”. So, I went to both of them with that in mind. I get to the first place…

Him: I’m sorry, the Doctor is an hour late and he’s booked solid today with appointments. Would you like to book one for another time?

Me: Uh. Your sign says no appointments necessary and I’m here now.

Him: Oh. We take walk ins sometimes. But, I’m sorry, but the Doctor is an hour late and he’s booked solid with appointments today. Would you like to make one?

Me: No. You just lost a customer.

So, I went to the other place, who was taking a walk in an hour. I would have needed to wait 2 hours to get in to see the eye care specialist and I had no intention of simply waiting around the mall for 2 hours. So, because these people were nicer to me, and at least tried to fit me in somewhere, I gave them my business. I go back later today.

But, man… people need to work on their customer service and stop their FALSE ADVERTISING!

I think there will be a letter to their corporation. Oh yes, there will.



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