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Rambling Update...

This weekend was very pretty, and very nice. I enjoyed being able to have my window open all night. Friday, it got up to a fair 87 degrees, which is a bit too hot for my tastes, but with my small uber power fan running and my ceiling fan, and with the windows open to enjoy the fresh air, it was a nice experience that lasted throughout the weekend. Friday I went for a very short walk, and regretted it somewhat. Remind me, seriously, no hills until I’m in much better shape. I had resolved to do some exercise type things this weekend, but did not. The weather, while nice, was also somewhat cranky; it rained and we had some freak summer storms this weekend, interspersed with warm and sunny or cold and cloudy bits. It did not instill any sense of security that being outside would be okay.

Saturday and Sunday were largely spent playing WoW, plowing through the dailies with Elisiana, and working on my Horde alts on Kirin Tor. My Priesty chick, Isabol, is a nice 16 – which is the highest I’ve ever had a Priest character make it so far, and my Hunter, Pavati, just made 17 last night and is well on her way to 18. It is the highest I’ve had any Horde character ever – most don’t last past 8.

The one amusing thing from this weekend is when I attempted to log into the Ventrillo server for Vorpal Bunny Slayers, the guild that I’ve been with on Staghelm for the last 2-3 years now. I kept logging in and none of the names seemed familiar, and then I noticed a Poker channel. Silly me. Obviously this was no longer our server, though funny how I kept being able to get into the system. I checked the information I had, changed it, and then logged in – and walla – Vorpal Bunny Slayers server back in action. So, now I have Vent for VBS, as well as SV on Kirin Tor, and can talk to people when I am connected – er… when I deign to talk at all because I am extremely shy when it comes to verbal communications.

There are other things I had considered doing this weekend, like reading a few books, or working on writing my own book/story/whatever it’ll turn out to be. I need to work on going beyond consideration and just doing these things. I need to stop coming up with excuses and just do it. I am the Queen of procrastination. I will need to come up with some sort of plan on how to accomplish some of the tasks I want to get completed, and stick to it. The hard part is creating that plan and sticking to it. Or, rather, just sticking to it. Hmm. Maybe I should create a daily check list of sorts. Exercised. Read Book. Wrote an hour. Perhaps that would work. Food for thought.


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