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Tabletop Gaming...

I had long since lost my love for tabletop games, to the point where I’ve been avoiding them for the past few years. I allowed paultucker to talk me into joining adamdray’s group awhile ago, to see what the new Dungeons & Dragons 4th Edition system would be like. We only got as far as character creation and a single battle with pre-made characters to see what the system would be like. More recently, Paul has designed a tabletop game that we can run while online, using software from RPTools. Through this software, he was able to put together a group of our friends from WoW and now we are doing regular D&D games, generally on Sundays.

I must say that I am glad that I have joined the realm of tabletop again. I find it wholly fulfilling and very enjoyable. I’m also, surprisingly enough, enjoying playing a warrior character, or… a tankity, tankity, tankity character. I decided to go against my normal choice, a magic user of some sort, and try something different for a change. As a result, I have been able to maneuver battles into an advantageous position, once free of mob aggro (AGGRO!) and able to move myself and others around, controlling the battle so we keep the advantage even when we’re grossly outnumbered.

I think, in part, playing World of Warcraft has opened my eyes to the various means of keeping a battle controlled. While WoW is very different from D&D, the terms and terminology, and the way of tanking something, aren’t so different. Strike first, strike hard, don’t die :P As a group, we were able to work the mobs that we were up against in a fashion that allowed us to survive, despite the odds. We were out numbered, 17 to 5, and we made it through – despite rather unlucky dice rolls working against us at times. We work well as a team, which is exciting, especially as we have a mix of new and experienced D&D players.

I think I have found my love of tabletop again, and I’m looking forward to the first session of Adam’s game in September, where I can see what I can do with my warlock character, when before I wasn’t at all certain I even wanted to really play.



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