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Weekend Happenings...

Earlier this week my father asked me if I would go to the Anne Arundel County Scottish/Highlands Festival. Given that this was the first time, in however many years that he's been going, that he's asked me to go, I told him that I was definitely interested. It was held at the Anne Arundel County Fair Grounds, rather close to Crownsville, MD and near where the Maryland Renaissance Festival is being held. The event was on Saturday.

The weather was perfect; bright and sunny with a splash of wind mixed in. There were nary a cloud in the sky. It was a bit chilly in the morning, but by the afternoon things were pretty warm. We got there just after 11 and spent some time looking at the various Clan booths. My father stopped at one of the stands, and bought an overpriced mini-book (one of those touristy guide things), detailing (as much as it can in that tiny thing) the Farquharson Clan. Our family, the Christies, are a Sept within the Farquharson Clan, and my father has been rather obsessed with tracing our Scottish roots. My father is 3rd generation, I'm 4th, removed from Scotland. My Great Grandfather came over when he was in his 20s or so to start a life in the United States. So, he's been doing all sorts of research to see what he can find out about our family. We also noticed that there was a mini-book on the McDermott family, an Irish surname, which is where the parternal side of my mother's family is from.

After looking around, and reaching the top of the hill, we paused a bit for something to eat. My father and I had the traditional forfar bridie, while my sister sated her appetite with a sausage roll. My father wanted fish & chips, which they were serving, but it seemed to be the event's popular dish, and the line twisted around several exhibits - stopping him from tasting that fare. He woefully said he's always wanted to try fish & chips, but never has had it; not even when we went to Scotland, and as far as the seafood loving people in my family are, he's one of them (I'm not). So, that surprised me.

We continued to make our circuit around, visiting the various Scottish dog rescue sites where my sister, Loretta, got her heartstrings pulled on enough that she took some information down about Shelties (mini-collies) and intends to look into possibly rescuing/adopting one of them. We also paused long enough to watch (yet another - we've seen many at the Fair Hill Scottish Festival) border collie demonstration, and watch the collies move sheep around the field with both spoken signals and sharp whistles, even penning them when the pens were actually cooperating and not falling down.

The day ended on a positive note, and soon it was time to go home. My father decided he wanted to go to the Apple Store, which at first I was tempted to go and get my iPhone at least, but I resisted the temptation and went home instead. I have to be good. I have to save my money. If, in a few months, my tiny nest egg is restored again, maybe I'll see about getting an iPhone then. So, home I went, and there I stayed for the rest of the evening, relaxing and watching television, whole tacking the problem that is (or rather was) the mess that is my room.

I spent most of last evening and this afternoon cleaning, putting things away, arranging clothes and the like. Part of that time I spent angry and upset at the world. I asked myself why I even bothered to clean - if I was just going to be packing things away in the next few months. Rather than dwell on that thought, I continued to push through to the end (or, almost the end), until I was finally satisfied with the way things were. Or, at least, mostly satisfied. There's some stuff I still want to sort out - and some clutter that still needs decluttering, but otherwise I'm happy with the end result. Now, I just need to keep it that way until I do actually need to start packing for the move.

In truth, I know why I bothered to clean at all. I have long since come to realize that the messier my room is, the more unhappy I become. That mood affects everything for me throughout the course of the day. I wake up in the morning cranky, I go to work cranky, and I come home cranky, all because I know there's a mess waiting for me at home. So, the newfound cleanliness - for however long it lasts - will help to brighten my mood and perspective, despite the hardships we're currently facing in this particular household. Any small bright thing is a good bright thing, I think.



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