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Late Night - Much Fun

The moring and afternoon were pretty boring. Except for the fact that Jennifer and I were playing the 'ignoring you' game for a small bit. Part of that was because she got a phone call. Really, in this house, you can't hide what you're saying to other people unless you close the door. She didn't. Her voice carried. *shrug* I decided I wanted to read upstairs, so I did. She went downstairs. She got calls most of the day on her cell. Does she ever not talk? Finally, she took the dog out, I suppose to go over Darrick's parents house or something. That suited me fine.

The evening was a bit more interesting. I called kralentor to see if he wanted to do something today since we couldn't meet up yesterday. He was interested, and came over. We decided to go to the movies and dinner. We went to see Taking Lives with Angeline Jolie. While at the theatre, he mentioned wanting to see Dawn of the Dead sometime, and I informed him I've never even seen the orginal one. The movie was good. Lots of surprises, not too gory. Afterwards we ate at Chevys.

On the way out of the mall, kralentor impulsively decided to check the Movie Kiosk and checked on times for Dawn of the Dead. We ended up going. The movie wasn't that bad; for a gory, hack and slash zombie flick.

More importantly, we both enjoyed ourselves. And, I found that tonight I didn't have as much trouble talking to him as I did the last time we went out. In other worse, I wasn't as tongue-tied as I normally am. This is a good thing, at least for me. Yay.


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Apr. 9th, 2004 05:03 pm (UTC)
*hugs tight* I am glad for you two. A lot.:)

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