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Packing Progress...

1 large bookshelf - Complete
1 small bookshelf - Complete
1 three drawer dresser - Complete
1 two drawer/two shelf armoire - 1/2 complete
Underneath bed - complete
1 closet - 1/2 complete
1 desk - not even started
Odds and ends - not even started

So, I've been busy this weekend, obviously. Despite all the completed marks and half completed marks, I would not even hopefully say that 1/2 of my stuff is packed - but I sure do have a ton of boxes to show for it, sitting downstairs waiting to be loaded into the trailer we'll be using to move Friday/Saturday/Sunday.

The main move day will be Saturday. That's also when our internet services will move over - assuming Nancy actually called Verizon to schedule the switch. I warned her it could take time if she doesn't schedule it right away.

They'll be staying in the new house on Friday. Given the internet situation I think I'll be staying in the old house until Saturday morning.

The internet is my personal crack - and hello!! Move is happening during the opening of Wrath!!! How inconvenient. Ahem.

Anyway, really glad to have a new place to go to that is local. Even more glad that I'll have 2 rooms of the house to myself - this means a lot to me, as I'll get to spread out a bit and not feel so cramped.

Wednesday is the walkthrough where we document what's wrong with the place. I'll get to see the rooms more closely and figure out where I want stuff to go then.

This coming weekend will certainly be an interesting adventure.

If anyone who is local can help with the move on Saturday, that would be very much appreciated. We dangle food as incentive.



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