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Holiday Party...

Saturday we had our holiday party combination house warming party. Nancy and I both invited large groups of people (most of mine were out of town), and only my people showed up. I felt bad for that. Nancy thinks most people stayed home because it snowed on Saturday, but really the snow wasn't that bad or that much - not unless your tires were pretty bald, and then you shouldn't be driving anyway because that's its own danger.

In any case, my father, my oldest sister and my friend from college, Tim, showed up. It was nice seeing Tim again, as I hadn't seen him for at least 4 years - ever since the time I moved from the house and into my apartment that I still miss so dearly (though this new house and its space muchly makes up for missing my wonderful apartment I had)

We talked about all sorts of things. I picked on Dad and Loretta a bit. Tim and I exchanged pictures of some of the things we did over the years. We all ate excellent food - of which we have far too much left over. Let's just say we'll be having ham and pulled pork left over for a long, long while.

Despite the small turn out, it was not the day that I was dreading it to be. I had imagine being immersed in a large group of Nancy's friends and needing to be social to total strangers. That thought wore on me, and I wanted to just stay and hide up in my room all day. As much as I feel bad that Nancy's people didn't show, I'm also kinda glad it was the quiet, small gathering we had. The way I'd been feeling lately, I wasn't up for too much company and large groups drain me pretty easily.

So, let it be said that I was pretty content with the way things turned out.


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