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Cookilicious Weekend....

This weekend was stephdray's annual cookie party. In preparation for the party, we were supposed to bring 4 dozen cookies with us and take 4 dozen back. Unfortunately, due to time constraints, I did not quite make that many cookies - though also did not bring back quite that many either so in the end it worked out.

We've been having this party for about 4-5 years now, starting at blukitsune's apartment before she moved to NOLA, and then at Steph's place afterwards. Each year I go, I try to make different cookies, rarely bringing the same thing twice. I only make cookies once a year, so I consider this an opportunity for me to try new things. This year, I had the fortune of purchasing Mindy Klasky's recipe calendar, where some of the recipes from her Jane Madison series are showcased. I decided to bring Butterscotch Blessings and Almond Lust.

I chose these two recipes because looking at the ingredients they seemed relatively easy to make. The Butterscotch Blessings were easy enough, mimicing a chocolate chip recipe easily - in that you throw stuff together, then drop rounded balls on a pan to bake. The Almond Lust was a bit more involved - and I didn't quite know how involved until I got started. It's easy to read a recipe, but harder to imagine what making it would be like. It was more work than I anticipated, but the end result was a nice, fabulous bar cookie. It well lives up to its name.

The results of the baking? I had a handful of Butterscotch Blessings left over to take home, so I snatched a few of those up. However, if I had not had a few pieces of the Almond Lust at the beginning, I would have been a very disappointed person. Everyone was raving about the recipe, and when the time came to divvy the cookies up and get our own, lo and behold - someone had snatched all of the Lust up and the pan was gone!

Steph's mother asked me the name of the cookie, and she must have heard me wrong - because she thought I said Almond Lux. When I corrected her, and told her it was Lust - L-U-S-T - she was like - well then, that makes the cookie all that more desirable! She begged me for the recipe all evening, but alas I did not have it on me.

All in all, good food, good company and cookies that went over very well. And, many kudos to Mindy for her recipe calendar, where I suspect the recipes will be a great holiday hit everywhere!


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Dec. 15th, 2008 06:34 pm (UTC)

I'm glad the cookies were enjoyed! (And yes, I think the Lust recipes are actually some of the most complicated ones in the calendar, so I'm impressed with your cooking prowess!)

The calendars are still on sale at


with all profits benefiting First Book. (And if you disapprove of this plug, I'll gladly delete the comment :-) )

Dec. 15th, 2008 09:26 pm (UTC)
Nah. I had actually thought about plugging it myself :)
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