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So there hasn't been an update on me for a long time. Mostly, that's because I haven't been making time to do an update. And, part of it is that I do bullet point updates on Facebook with the status section. However, I think it is time for a much longer update, or several updates, or something.

Valentines Day

For Valentines I went to dinner with five very good friends. dpassmor was in from town with his girl, from Georgia, so it was an opportunity not to be missed. We went to Labanese Taverna in Baltimore, where I was rather adventurous and tried Lebanese food. I was actually rather worried about this and whether or not I'd even enjoy it. I found it quite delicious and would not mind going back to the restaurant again anytime soon. If you decide to check it out, definitely check out their mezzas. Well worth the price you pay for them. Also, try the fresh mango juice. It is pure heaven! Heaven I say!


This year I halfway got back into my normal tradition of a dinner and a movie. We did dinner, but skipped the movie for various reasons. stephdray and adamdray were in attendence, as well as my old college roommate Billie, and her boyfriend. It was good to see Billie again. The last time I saw her was at the housewarming party I had at the house I owned for almost a year.

We were going to go to the Bonefish Grill, but they did not have enough space for a large party. And, my nieces, Tricia and Melissa were supposed to come, but that fell through - because of their kids and the long drive it would be - which was fine even if I did slave over cleaning up my rooms to be prepared for them. Ahem. Anyway, the cleaning was good because in a few days we have an owner inspection of the house - and so that prodded me to get things settled and now I only need to tidy up a bit, as opposed to a full fledged cleaning, which is /good/.

We ended up eating at TGI Fridays, had good food and lots of great conversation. It was a very nice birthday dinner/party indeed. Afterwards, I hung out at Steph and Adam's house, talked more with Adam's parents, and watched Castle with them and one of the BSG episodes. However, the hour was growing late, and I had a long drive, so the night ended somewhat early.

Inspecting Carol

Lately, I've gotten involved in theatre again. I'm presently working as a volunteer with Bowie Community Theatre (BCT). Their current play is called Inspecting Carol. At first I thought there were going to be a few bumps in the road to my actually getting an opportunity to volunteer, but my worries were for naught.

You see, the email regarding the call dates said we MUST attend all scheduled rehearsals and performances, and after 3 years of trying to get involved in the community theatre and finally getting a nibble, I was worried that the fact I had to house sit this past weekend, and would be going away to a concert last Wednesday would have ruined my chances at helping. It didn't though.

This past week has been hell week, and I have had literally one hour of time to myself each night that I've gone to rehearsals, and usually that was to just sit back, relax and get dinner - when I managed to get dinner - some nights I just went straight to the stage. I haven't had much time for anything, so when this weekend came around I was happy to just be able to veg out and do my own thing without running around.

I forgot how much work a play is, having been away from theatre for about 5 or 6 years now, and all I'm doing is helping to get actors into place (which is one of the many parts of a stage manager's job). However, the people are great, and it doesn't hurt that there is a hottie among the actors, so it's all worth it.

The play opened this weekend, but I missed it due to the aforementioned house sitting. I am hoping everything went well. I'll find out next week for sure. It runs for the next two weekends at Bowie Playhouse, with performances on Friday and Saturday evenings at 8 pm and Sundays at 2 pm.

House Sitting

This weekend I had to house sit for my father. He and my sister Loretta went to NYC this past weekend for my sister's annual Class trip. She went back to college, you see, and she has the same professor for a business class that she had last year, and so she got to go on his trip again to NYC. They do a tour of the stock market (actually inside the market) and of the night life and other things within NYC (like Ellis Island). My father tags along, or has for the last two years. They intend to get me to go next year (though who they'll get to watch the horses I'm not sure.).

It was nice to be home, alone, on the farm. I've missed being there, and I got to just relax, veg and do whatever I wanted. My father even left the kitchen stocked for me so I had food while he was away, though I feel as though I barely touched any of it. Part of that is because I went to visit an old friend of mine on Saturday, and the other part is that there is never enough time in a weekend. I think we need to go to an 8 day week so we can have 3 day weekends always.

Largely, I caught up on Legend of the Seeker, a television show based on Terry Goodkind's Sword of Truth series. I have been making mental notes about how far they are deviating away from the books and what things they are keeping. So far, I am not yelling at them yet - but there is always that possibility. The show is a bit campy, but I am enjoying it immensely.

Time With An Old Friend

As for that friend I met with on Saturday, Eric - he and I had a very enjoyable time. He's going through a rough patch with his soon to be ex-wife, but it sounds like he's got a solid plan for his life. I'm glad at least one of us does. It was nice to be able to go out with a guy and not be nervous, or awkward or always worrying about what to say or whatever for a change. It's like that with Eric. He and I are very good friends, despite the fact that I've been a putz and haven't really called him since moving to Bowie. I'm glad we could fall back into that friendship as its one of the few that are very important to me.

We were going to go to an auction in Cambridge, MD, but it turns out we got there too late and most things were gone. So, we just drove around for a fewhours and talked. About lots of different things. We talked about his soon to be ex-wife, and some about Darrick, and how what they've done to us has affected our lives. I talked a little about paultucker too and how he's helped me get over quite a lot of what happened between Darrick and I - and moving on. We talked about other things too.

We laughed. We smiled. We didn't cry, though. There was nothing to cry about. We ate at the spicy lettuce place - Plaza Tapatia for anyone going to Easton - which has the absolute best authentic mexican food and the best white sauce for the tortilla chips (in fact, the only place that has the white sauce that I know about.) And, we shared a fried ice cream together. One dessert, two spoons. Which, in retrospect, is a fall back to the one time we did go out together on a "date" which was pushed, oddly enough, by Darrick. We went to Fred's Grapevine in Stevensville, MD, and the waitress kept trying to push the idea of shared food on us.

I stayed at his place awhile to continue talking, and shared some of the best peach cider with him ever. Before I left, we made quasi plans to do more things together in the future - and not to be strangers. And, he has decided to take on the challenge of teaching me to like seafood, which I find vaguely amusing. It was good to see him again, and I really had a lot of fun. Food for the soul, some might say.

Anyway, all in all, things have been largely good with me, despite some of the setbacks I've posted about before. I'm doing things I haven't been doing in awhile, seeing people I haven't seen in ages, and have plans to continue seeing various people in the future. Let's just hope that things continue to look up!


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Apr. 3rd, 2009 12:17 am (UTC)
Time with an old friend
My spies told me about this place. Your "old Friend" had fun hanging out, too. -E
Apr. 3rd, 2009 12:20 pm (UTC)
Laugh. Spies?

There are only one or two people that we collectively know that would know about this place. Either Darrick or Tim. Unless you used GoogleFu!
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