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Crafting & Store Fronts (A Query)

Right before the foreclosure of the house, Nancy decided that she wanted to start up a jewelry business and asked if I would help her with it (after she saw the necklace I made for my costume for FiranCon one year - which I have seemed to have misplaced yet again, but I have enough materials to make it again if I must. Loved that necklace!!) I said I would, as time allowed. We went shopping, got beads of all sorts (spending an enormous amount of money) backings, string, wire, etc - and all of the other odds and ends we might need and some books for ideas.

We each started working on a piece, but I don't think either of us actually finished one. It'd been a few years since I made my original necklace, so I had forgotten the time required to put such things together, which was also a factor in my having only done one piece. We were moving at the time, and it was more important for me to pack up my stuff for the movie than it was to be making glittery shinies.

Cut to after the move. Nancy once again suggested she wanted to start working on this again. Again, I'm amenable to doing it, since I've already invested money in buying beads, and other things that I think will work well together. And, I'm pretty sure I can make the time required for this activity. However, I realized something else. When working on the original necklace we were doing it at the kitchen table, which means at dinner time, everything needed to be moved and whatever design you were working on could get messed up. I think if I do this, I'm going to require a dedicated work area. I work better when I have a specific spot where I can just do my crafting. This has always been the case for me.

As a child/teenager, I used to do paint by numbers, paint ceramics, draw (though I suck), latch hook rugs and work on cross stitching. Each of these activities required a spot that was 'mine' for me to complete them. The painting took place in the kitchen, but had the same annoyance as the beadwork presently has - it always had to be moved around. When I did my rugs (I've only done 2), and my cross stitching/embroidery (of which I've done many), I always had the recliner chair in the living room (which was my designated chair since my mother had the swivel rocker and my father had the sofa) to do my work on. It was "my" space.

I sorta have a space again now, with the addition of my sofa and my coffee table in my bedroom, however it is not a space that works well for beadwork. But, it is a good space for stitchery, and I've used it a few times for that already while working on the cross stitch I have yet to finish (though will, hopefully, in the next 2 years - *shuffles feet*).

That said... after this rather long-winded introduction... I wanted to ask this of the crafty people who read my LJ - what are the best places that you've found to display and sell your work once you've completed it? And, are there limits for the number of items you must keep in stock in order to sell it? Right now, I'm just looking at crafted necklaces/earrings/bracelets - with some other possible additions later, if we decide to go that route (like barrettes and hair combs).

I've been thinking about Etsy.com - since Nancy asked where good storefronts would be and I've been hearing a lot about it lately, but other opinions are welcome. I'd consider Cafepress, but that seems more geared towards having things printed or imprinted than other types of store fronts.



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May. 20th, 2009 02:45 am (UTC)
etsy really makes things easy. there's a few others that i don't even remember the names of, but there's really no need. their 'take' is small, all things considered. there's no limit to the number of items in stock either.

good luck!
May. 20th, 2009 01:36 pm (UTC)
My husband worked for Esty.com. I HIGHLY recommend it, even though he's not with them anymore. There are quite a few people who are very addicted to Etsy, myself included, and it'll get your shinies out there where lots of people can see them!
May. 20th, 2009 02:28 pm (UTC)
Thanks for the heads up. I talked to Nancy at dinner last night and she seemed excited at the prospect of Etsy. Now, we need to find a space where we can work without living in fear of the animals ruining the projects.
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