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Conversations and Revelations...

Last night I had the rare opportunity to talk to Jennifer, Darrick's new girlfriend. Normally, I don't talk to her because it's somewhat awkward for me, but she initiated the conversastion, so I was polite and humored her.

The conversation started out with us talking about whether or not I had off today or Monday or both. I have off today. Not Monday and I said as much. Then, somehow, we moved on to conversations about our family and some of the tradgedies we had in our life. For her, her grandfather just discovered that he has an incurable disease and her grandmother, his wife, just unexpectedly died right before the holidays of a brain anurism (sp?). So, we were talking about how it feels to lose a loved one. Grim conversastion, but oddly consoling in it's own way. Jennifer gets it. What it's like to lose somoene close to you. That's something Darrick never understood.

In a way, I really feel sorry for her. According to Darrick, one of the huge stumbling blocks in our relationship was my mother's death. She just lost her grandmother and she's about to lose her grandfather to this disease. His kidneys are failing and there's nothing more that can be done for him. He's never lost a parent or someone close to him, and so can't even begin to understand what it feels like to remember the past and not have a future with that person.

I hope he doesn't do to her what he's done to me, because after talking to her last night I've confirmed what I suspected all along. She's not a bad person, well in as much as the fact that she /is/ his new girlfriend, but in general she's not. And really, it was nice to actually talk to her, rather than feel like we're dancing around one another, for a change.


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