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I emailed this to my boyfriend this morning, but I felt it was noteworthy enough that I would also post it here:

Very odd dream last night. Very odd. Let me see if I can put it together for you.... keeping in mind I often have odd dreams.:

I was walking along in a forest, knowing that I was something different. I met several people, perhaps souls really, who were affected by a strange malady - or perhaps duality is the proper word. They were people, but they were somehow separated from themselves, and their other selves were malignant/dark in some fashion. I wanted to help them, but could not see how I could really. I was noticed and being watched as I was observing these people, and I was offered an opportunity to become like them, by other sources - demigods or Gods. I turned them down, and though they were curious, and could see my otherness, which piqued their curiosity and perhaps frightened them somewhat. My eyes were flecked with blue sparkles when the sun hit it right, and we were along a beach shoreline at the edge of the woods. They did not have time to talk to me about it because I had somewhere else to go, so I left.

And went to the 4-H park, where I was going to see my niece, Melissa S., riding. But the ring was moved, for some reason, and not at the same side of the park that it normally was at - or I recall it being, or it was a different park. I caught up with my brother in law, Melissa S's father, David, and her mother, my sister, Susan. We walked along the path to the park, and went over a bridge. I asked David about the bridge - if he built it. He replied that he had, and was very proud of it. I noted I assumed he built it because he'd built the other one for the park and he had been just as proud then as well. I noted to myself, not aloud, that they were both appropriately big enough for the crowds that the park receives, generally. We continued along in silence until we got to the stands.

I met my sister Sandy, and a younger version of two of her kids, her son Nicolas (who died in 1998) and her daughter Melissa Y. (not to be confused by Melissa S. who never made an appearance) and took a seat on the benches at the top of the benches. The announcer asked if anyone would like to entertain the crowds while we waited. Melissa Y., who sometimes sings, decided that she would. Nicolas went down with her - he's a clown and loves doing that sort of stuff for a crowd. They start some music, and very badly play some guitars, and are joined by a third party I do not recognize. Then something starts flying at the room at them, nearly hurting them.

Curious, I get up to see what it was. A four pointed piece of wood, what I can assume is enchanted somehow, is maliciously throwing spikes at them - though it fails and misses. Another piece of wood, coming to their defense, a sharp poker of sorts, fights with the four pointed piece, and stabs it.

Cut to a scene where the four pointed piece of wood has gone back to its lair. It complains to the one that stabbed it, stating it has killed its son, and slowly forms a head. Meanwhile, the slim stabbing piece transforms into a wooden old lady, who exclaimed, "What have I done?" while before her eyes the head changes colors then turns to dust.

Then my phone rang and woke me up (I use my phone as an alarm.)



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