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Another Dream: Starring - Shia LaBeouf

This time, the main character of the dream was: Shia LaBeouf - aka the kid who plays Sam Witwicky in Transformers. He starred as himself, not the character Sam. In this dream I was more the casual observer, rather than anyone who played a part; the camera lense, watching and panning if you will.

Shia had gotten himself into a bit of trouble, and he was going to visit with his uncle, who he thought could get him out of trouble. He was being chased, or persued, by some people - and he wasn't sure why they were really persuing him - or why he was in trouble. There was a sense of urgency to the dream, as if he had to always keep on the move. He was also looking for something, and kept going the wrong way in looking for something.

I distinctly remember that he kept returning to a roadway that was circular, which might almost be considered a traffic circle - with exception to the fact that it was obviously going around buildings rather than a gardened section - IE: kinda like the circle in Annapolis in the gov't district, going around the church - but more cluttered with buildings than that area. He kept getting frustrated with himself, thinking to himself that eventually he would find the right road to turn down if he just kept going around it enough, and usually he did.

However, he always ended up at this structure at the edge of a cliff or something, that had a carvator (my word for a car elevator) and people had to wait their turn to go down. Not many people used this avenue of travel obviously, because there was only one and it took so long. He kept having to go back to this point, or kept ending up at this point, for some reason.

Here's the weird part. He was backing up his sleek, silver car to park it, waiting his turn, and he misjudged his position and fell over the edge. He managed to catch himself, and also hold onto the car with his legs, it was a convertible with the top down and the windshield caught on his legs, and somehow managed pull both he and the car up after climbing to the top and getting some help to pull both he and his car up over the ledge.

Then the crooks caught up with him and dumped him over the edge again, whereby he caught himself in the same place he'd just crawled up over, and had to climb back up, again, with the car. I think the exprssion I remember being used was: "You've got to be kidding me!!"

In the meantime, his uncle was working on getting him out of trouble, but obviously window of opportunity was running out.

Then my phone rang, waking me up.

Very, very weird.



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