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Case of the Blehs

It figures that for the first time in week the thing I have to write about is that I have the blehs. Or rather, the thing that I am writing about is that because I'm sure I also have all sorts of other things to talk about and just haven't found the time to sit down and type it up.

Today, I am all over the place emotionally. I partially know the reason why and it's completely irrational. The other part is that lately it feels like the world is closing in around me, squeezing tight. I know, partially, this has to do with all the traveling I've been doing this summer. It feels like there are times when I don't have time to just sit down and breathe. I am absolutely /NOT/ complaining about the travel because I get to see an absolutely wonderfully amazing person, who makes me laugh and smile all the time, which is a nice payoff.

The other part has to do largely with finances. I'm trying to budget for a vacation next summer and things will be tight. On top of that, I need to pay for new contacts out of pocket - as I opted to use my insurance to pay for my glasses. And, it just seems like, lately, money is being spent as fast as it gets into my bank account. It's been very, very frustrating. And, I know that ever since I paid off the Sears Card in such a large chunk, my mind has gone into a bit of a panic mode - IE: what if that money would be needed for other things? This goes back to the days of when I had a car that broke down every other day.

The bright spot in all of this is that I finally managed to win my battle against Bank of America, and had their rediculous 27 percent interest rate cut by 11 points. This will help immensely with getting that ginormous bill paid off. It is my distinct hope that I will be able to pay almost double what the normal payment amount will be, so I can eliminate that bill entirely.

I think what I need to do is figure out a way to get a supplemental income that does not have me working an additional 5-6 hours an evening every day of the week. Presently, I'm not doing that, but I also don't want to do that. I will figure something out, eventually. The key is to figure something out that also allows me to have some time to have some fun and relax as well.

Here's to hoping.


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